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JSC "Selcom Security" offers products made by well-known manufacturers of equipment for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures. 
JSC "Selcom Security" offers a wide range of professional products:
Our products are based on state-of-the-art digital technologies, nonstandard engineering solutions, and a certain selection of components. JSC "Selcom Security" is able to provide portable counter surveillance equipment that has been specifically developed to counter a particular type of threat, giving the highest levels of detection and protection from any unauthorised surveillance. Distinctive features of the products are: small size, simplicity in application, superior performance and utility. Our NATO Commercial And Government Entity (NCAGE) codis 010KR.
apie mus radaras
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TSCM Products

  • counter espionage devices

    Counter espionage devices

  • data leakage channels detection

    Data leakage channels detection

  • counter terrorism facilities

    Counter terrorism facilities


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