Acception of NR-900S for supply of Russian Army

In 2013 NR-900S was accepted for supply of Russian Army and more famous in the forces under the name „Eagle“

It as same as the first variant of production is assigned for detection of radio controlled explosive devices, devices for unsanctioned data collection and other devices with semiconductor elements.
He, like the first embodiment, is designed to detect radio-controlled explosive devices, devices covert eavesdropping devices and other semiconductor components.
However, in the new version has a greater range of detection and by a kilogram lighter than the previous version, which weighed 5 kg. Because it is important for soldiers, who often are searching for a long time in the most adverse conditions.
Besides that, the new detector differs of modular design, possibility of usage in conditions with intermissions and detection „by ear“ of the working mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic devices.


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