Supply of NR-MD for Russian Army

Besides control wire line communications detector for supply of Russian army last year accepted new version of mine detector- the portable selective inductional metal detector NR-MD.It is designed for detection of explosive ordinates with exterior metal elements and inside the ground, water, snow and bricks. Devices characteristics does not concede to the best  foreign models.
Metal detector has sound and light signals of the detected object and classifies it according to size and type of metal. The operator of the device can singlehandedly tuneup the sensitivity and other parameters of the device, and mini ECM- visualize informatikon and change Standard settings.With the working weight of 2,2 Kg NR-MD from transport position to the working position can be switched in 3minutes and ready for use in 10 minutes after turning the power on.
With the working tempo of approximately 300 square meters per hour the depth of detection of Italian plastmass anti-personel mine is 12-14 centimeters and the time of continuous work – not less than 8 hours. Besides that, the device  has a mode of remembering of the shape of frequently confronted explosive devices.
This enables during the search to instantly detect the type of detected object. Generally its capabilities are 10% higher than analogical readings of previous versions.


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