New ST-500 Piranha

The long-awaited update of the Piranha family has occurred. ST-031M PIRANHA was replaced by the  ST-500 PIRANHA . We begin the review of the updated multifunctional search device by comparing it with the previous version. 
             ST-031M PIRANHA                                   ST-500 Piranha



ST-031M PIRANHA                                                  ST-500 Piranha






1. UHF sensor 
2. Conductive wire lines differential device
3. Battery element 
4. Attenuator
5. Sound emitting device
6. USB cable for sound source ( for speaker)
7. Induction converter
8. Main unit
9. Nozzle adapter (crocodiles)
10. Adapter of scanning receiver and low frequency amplifiers BWLC031M
11. Cable for connection BWLC031M to telephone lines
12. Universal cable for connecting BWLC031M to wired lines
13. High-frequency telescopic antenna
14. Cable for connecting BWLC031M to power outlets
15. USB flash drive
16. USB cable for connection to PC
17. Adapter for connecting BWLC031M to multicore cables
18. Telephone adapters
19. Cables with Type Connectors RJ45: (8x4; 8x6; 8x8)
20. Headphones
21. Charger
22. Technical Passport (not shown in picture)
23. Transportation case (not shown in picture)


 ST-500 Piranha


1. Main unit
2. Adapter for connecting the main unit to electric mains
3. Cable for connecting the main unit to telephone line sockets
4. Cable for connecting the main unit to low current sockets
5. Cable for connecting the main unit to a PC's USB
6. Telescopic antenna 
7. Charger
8. Headphones
9. Test sound source
10. Charger cable for the test sound source
11. USB flash drive
12. Coupler (RJ11)
13. Coupler (RJ45)
14. 1x2 splitter (RJ11)
15. 1x2 splitter (RJ45)
16. Adapter for connecting a multicore cable and Screwdriver
17. Technical Passport (not shown in picture)
18. Transportation case (not shown in picture)

The ST-500 Piranha kit does not include an induction sensor (magnetic sensor), its functions are performed by the combined search device ST-600, which is purchased separately. The ST-500 kit does not include a connecting cable for connecting to open parts of 220v lines.

Main technical specifications:
Selective RF Detector ST-031M Piranha  ST-500 Piranha 
Operating frequency range, MHz  140-4420  20-6000
Bandwidth, MHz  1-40  1-20
Input impedance, Ohm  50  50
Scanning speed, GHz / s 18  40
Dynamic range, dB 50  50
Wired receiver    
Operating frequency range, MHz 0,05-140  0,1-180
Maximum line voltage, V  300 AC, DC  50(AC), 60(DC)

Continuous operation time at max power consumption, hours

 >7  >4
Charge time of a fully discharged battery, hours  7  7
Weight and measurements:    
Dimensions of the main unit (length, width, height), mm  175X83X36  165X100X40
Weight of main unit, kg  0,435  0,47
Functionality of ST-500
Functionally, the device consists of four detection channels.
Channels for detecting wireless listening devices:
SELECTIVE HF DETECTOR is designed to detect analog and digital (using GSM, LTE, Bluetooth, WiFi standards) radio transmitting listening devices in the frequency range 20 - 6000 MHz.


Since the frequency range is expanded, there is no need to use UHF detector, as in ST-031M.


ST-031M Piranha                                                                               ST-500 Piranha 
The “Wireless communication” tab received a signal level scale and additional configuration options through the program on a PC.


Tab "Signal Analysis" and the table of detected signals have changed.

IR Detector Designed to detect IR transmitters (listening devices that use the infrared frequency range to transmit information).
ST-031M doesn’t have IR detector.
Channels for detecting wire line listening devices:
WIRED RECEIVER designed to detect high-frequency signals of listening devices transmitting information using power and low-current wire lines in the frequency range 100 kHz - 180 MHz.


13.jpgThe 220V adapter is designed as a “plug”.


Low-voltage lines are connected to the main unit via the built-in switch. The switch is similar to the switch used in the ST-300 Spider.



LOW FREQUENCY AMPLIFIER is designed to detect low-frequency signals of listening devices.


The bias voltage is supplied from the ST-500 Piranha itself. In the ST-031M Piranha, it was necessary to use the BWLC031M adapter and a 9 volt battery. The switch automatically takes voltage measurements on possible combinations of pairs, and supplies the bias voltage of the desired polarity.

Work with PC
From the USB (from the kit), the driver for connecting the ST-500 Piranha is installed. PC software for working with ST-500 is not installed on the PC, but is launched from a flash drive. PC software allows you to save data to various objects, cities and countries on your PC and load data into ST-500 Piranha memory.
Changing the list of legal, dangerous and unknown signals.


Adjustment of ranges of wireless standards.


Creation of a custom signal list.

In Conclusion
ST-500 Piranha retained all the positive qualities of ST-031M.
1. User friendly interface.
2. Advantage of all line “PIRANHA” is that users of ST-031 and ST-031M will easily understand how to use ST-500 Piranha.
3. Mobility.
4. Balanced functionality.

ST-500 eliminated predecessor’s disadvantages and took a step forward in checking wired communications.


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