How to correctly choose a Non Linear Junction Detector

Up today, there are a lot of non linear junction detectors in the market and often we are being asked which is better for our needs.

Let’s review currently offered devices from our line of products one by one. Please see below the list of the reviewed devices:




Please note that every device is designed for specific task or tasks.


The EDD-24T is a compact handheld Non Linear Junction Detector or NLJD. It will detect the presence of semiconductor circuits that are used in all modern electronic devices such as mobile phones, tracking devices, listening devices, covert cameras, digital voice recorders, SIM cards etc. Importantly, the EDD-24T will detect such devices whether they are switched on and in use, powered on but in standby mode, or even switched off without any power.


-Search for active and passive electronic eavesdropping devices ;

-Detection of SIM Cards, Mobile Phones, Bugging Devices, Voice Recorders,

-Covert Video cameras etc. ;

-Search for other electronic devices comprising semiconductor elements;

-Checking parcels and mail for dangerous attachments containing semiconductors.

-Checking personnel for semiconductors before entering restricted areas.


-High detection sensitivity at a low output power;

-"Silicon" or "Metal" probability Indicator;

-Additional opportunities to identify the response provided by the analysis of signals in the "DEMOD" mode;

-Ergonomic design and low weight of 750g provides maximum comfort for the operator;

-Machined aluminum enclosure;

-4.5 hours of operation from one charge;

-Military grade carry case;

-User-friendly interface.


FJT-C-S6 NLJD is used for search and location of electronic devices both in active and switch-off state. The detector operation is based on the property of semiconductor components, which generates a harmonic response when radiated by a microwave-probing signal.

Device can automatically find the best receiving frequency channel free from interference, so it can be used in a complex electromagnetic environment. The devices has automatic power adjustment option.

Device can simultaneously detect semiconductors and metals, such as remote control, mobile phones, cameras, listening devices, transmitters and so on.

At maximum power and sensitivity mode, the range of analog electronics detection is not less than 50cm. Max. Distance for metal detection is (5 g metal) 30cm.


HW-24 is a unique non-linear junction detector that is notable for its compact size, ergonomic design and weight. It is highly competitive with most popular models of non-linear junction detectors. It can operate in continuous and pulse mode as well, having a variable power output.

Automatic frequency selection allows operation in complex electromagnetic environment. Operation at higher frequencies makes it in some cases more efficient than detectors with standard frequencies but with greater power output.

- Small size;

- High sensitivity and accuracy;

- Very low weight 1kg;

- Operation time up to 3h;


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