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SEL SP-44 - active protection system for electric circuit and ground

SEL SP-44 is an active information protection system against leakage using TEMPEST (Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard) channel through electric power circuit and ground. Device is designed to protect information processed by technical means and systems by generating masking noise signals on 220V power circuit and ground.
- does not influence PC performance and consumer electronics functioning.
- not sensitive to peaks of net voltage up to 1kV.
- does not interfere with radio reception.
Visual differences between unprotected and protected 220 V electric circuit from information leakage. Protection is done by Active Electric Circuit Noise Generator SEL SP-44. The measurement was done by Multi-purpose Search Device ST-031M "Piranha".
                                    Without SEL SP-44                                     With SEL SP-44
                     Without_SEL_SP-44.gif        With_SEL_SP-44.gif
                                  Channel of data leakage in 220V circuit                          Protected 220V electric circuit channel
• Main components of the device - noise generators, noise level controllers and output amplifiers - are fully digital devices. This allows, while maintaining a high quality factor of the noise signal, completely eliminate the possibility of information leakage due to electromagnetic emanations, self-excitation, parasitic generation and modulation of dangerous voice signal and electric signals, caused by the electro-acoustic convertors in the circuit elements, and their leakage through the supply lines.
• The presence of independent noise level controllers for the low and high frequency bands allows optimizing the interference spectrum for electromagnetic compatibility, while maintaining sufficient efficiency of masking noise.
• The device has a high-class resistance to impulse interference and allows continuous operation under the conditions equivalent to a short circuit. Application of core output amplifiers significantly increases the efficiency, reliability and stability of the device parameters, allows it to operate in more severe weather conditions.
• During operation the unit constantly performs a self-test, and in case of failure gives sound and light signal.
• Switching on the device can be done by the button on the control panel of the device or by wired remote control (optional).
Noise frequency range 0.01 - 400 MHz
Lines protected power supply, ground
Spectral-noise density (at 50 Ohm load relatively 1 µV/ √ kHz) in the frequency bands, not less than:  
0.01 - 0.05 MHz 45-70 dB
0.05 - 0.15 MHz 15-50 dB
0.15 - 10 MHz 12-48 dB
10 - 30 MHz 16-48 dB
30 - 400 MHz 10-47 db
Noise quality factor not less than 0,9
Leakage of the current through ground line not more than 1 mA
Switch on options manual, wired remote (optional)
Operation conditions:  
– operating temperature range from +5 up to +50 °C
– relative humidity at + 25 °C up to 85%
– atmospheric pressure 750 ± 40 mm Hg
Power supply:  
– AC mains 220 V ± 10% 50 Hz
– power consumption not more than 12 W
– dimensions 180 х 180 х 50 mm
– weight not more than 1.5 kg
¹ – for phase-to-ground and zero-to-ground circuits  

Holds the certificates of: Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia (FSTEC) and Sanitary and epidemiological.


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