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SEL SP-157/VP - Vibrational electromagnetic transducer

Vibrational electromagnetic transducer in hermetic housing.

Can be equipped with following fasteners:
1) On walling (walls,etc.)- tie bolt .
2) On surfaces (window gaps, windows and etc.) - disc.
3) On pipes – profiled clamp.


Distinctive features:
- light weight and small dimensions allow convenient mounting on windows.
- electromagnetic principle of transformation provides high efficiency of the device, its wide frequency band, low level of unwanted acoustic noise, and a small size of the device;
- hermiticity;
Technical characteristics:
The frequency range of reproducible noise signal 90 Hz...11,2 kHz
Type electromagnetic
Nominal resistance 12,5 Ohm
Dimensions ø40х35 mm
Weight 50 g
Power supply from noise generator
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