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PROSAFE STANDARD- Acoustic Safe Standard Model

The purpose of the acoustic safe is to block the audio access of mobile phones/recorders/dictaphones, etc. (devices with microphone) during meetings, conferences, confidential conversations or situations where it is important to take precaution against eavesdropping via recording devices. Smaller, but technically the same Mini model is available. 
The Acoustic safe generates several types of noises/ sounds: White noise, Speech like noise, Metronome, Rhythmic sound.
Easy to use: Just put the device (mobile phone) in the Acoustic safe, switch the Acoustic safe on (adjust the sound level and sound type) and close the lid. The devices in the box don’t have audio and video access to the conversation and it is not possible to record it. In the same time you can hear if someone calls you and decide whether to accept the call or not. Thus you don’t have to leave the mobile phones outside the room, switch them off or remove the batteries.
The Acoustic safe could also be EM (electromagnetic) Shielded (option). In this case the devices in the Acoustic safe are completely blocked and they are not connected to the mobile network (they lose connection to the mobile operator network, with Bluetooth handsfree, smart watches, Wi-Fi devices).
The EMI Shielded Acoustic safe blocks all standards below:
iCDMA,2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
iWiFi- 2,4 GHz, 5 GHz
iBlocked frequencies- 450 MHZ to 5800 MHz
Mini Model
Technical characteristics:
iAcoustic attenuation- >=35 dB
iAcoustic jamming- >=50 dB (inside the box)
For the Acoustic generator: It generates several types of sounds:
iWhite noise- 2 types
iSpeech like noise- 2 types
iMetronome- 2 types
iRhythmic sound with different sound frequencies- 1 type
- output power- 350mW;
- loudspeaker- 36 ohm, 500mW
- Consumption at max. noise level- no more than 35mA
- Adjusting the noise level- smoothly with control knob
iExternal size (WxLxH): 33x24x15 cm
iExternal size of Mini model (WxLxH): 30x13x13 cm
iColor- natural light wood, brown (walnut), gray, white, black, etc. 
iLocks- with or without 
iWith compartments for each phone (optional)
iPower supply- 9V 6F22 battery (non- rechargeable) or NiMH accumulator (rechargeable)- (optional) 
iBattery life (at max. noise level) – not less than 5 hrs./ at minimum noise level- over 10 hrs.
i12 V DC charger

Download PROSAFE-STANDARD-Datasheet-ENG pdf

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