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The Stealth LA5000 - 3CH White Noise Generator Generator

3CH White Noise Generator with Centralized Control Function. Preventing LASER Eavesdropping Via Windows
Laser Eavesdropping Doesn’t Just Happen in Movies
• There's no way to know if they're eavesdropping
• It proceeds stealthily within visibility
The best way to protect the windows
• Prevent Eavesdropping by Creating Noise in the Windows
• Stick the transducers to the window
• Make white noise indoors
Centralized Control for Optimal Management
• Each device is connected by Ethernet in a building
• The PC's program controls each devices individually
• Each device can also be controlled by remote controller
Control S/W Windows PC
• On/Off Control
• Volume Control
• Status Monitoring
Technical Specifications
Frequency response 50 Hz
Output 3x10W
Max TRN-600 transducers supported 16,  using 2 output channels (2x8)
Max OMS-2000 speakers supported 4, using 1 output channel
Min. impedance of load 3 Ohm
Equalizer LF: 180Hz + 12dB, HF: 3KHz +12dB
Port 10/100 Base T Ethernet (8pin RJ45)
Output adjustment 100 step
Size 50x70x243mm
Weight 1.5Kg
Power Supply 100 240VAC 19VDC 2A


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