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GSM jammers

It is well known that cellular phones might be used for eavesdropping as bugging devices. Spy phones and remotely activated telephones can be easily hidden in high-security facilities like military headquarters, briefing rooms, banks, etc., where sensitive information is in jeopardy of being tapped. Using cell phone jammers neutralizes this threat. Once a cellular jammer is operating, all mobile phones present within the jamming coverage area are blocked, and cellular activity in the immediate surroundings (including incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, pictures and multimedia sending and receiving, etc.) is blocked. 

Cellular jammers were developed to meet the needs of law enforcement for multiple applications such as:

   • preventing information from being covertly or overtly sent via cell phone;
   • block communications of suspected terrorists and criminals;
   • interfere with kidnapper, hijacker & hostage scenarios involving cellular communications.

GSM jammers, also known as cellular jammers or mobile phone jammers, are designed to prevent cellular communication in designated areas. The cellular jammers emit RF jamming interference signals that attack the abilities of a mobile phone to receive service from a cellular network. That means that if a cell phone user is beginning to make a call or is already engaged in a call, cell phone jamming will overpower the carrier signal and terminate the call.

In addition, the mobile phone jammers provide an easy to operate solution against the universal threat of using cellular phones as bomb’s triggers. Cell phone jammers are cutting the cellular communication between the cellular handset and the cellular base stations, thus paralyzing the cell phones in a given area and removing the threat.

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