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SEL SP-44 - active protection system for electric circuit and ground

The device is a technical mean for active information protection for the top-secret category objects. The device provides protection of intercommunication and data transmitting systems that uses single-phase 220V with ground net as an information transmitting channel, from any type of interception devices by generating a wide-range digital noise. SEL SP-44 prevents from information leakage through the power-supply and ground lines providing a masking noise there in the frequency range  of 0.01 - 300 MHz. It also suppresses wiretaps which are using these lines as a data-transmitting channel.
- does not influence PC performance and consumer electronics functioning.
- not sensitive to peaks of net voltage up to 1kV.
- does not interfere with radio reception.
Visual differences between unprotected and protected 220 V electric circuit from information leakage. Protection is done by Active Electric Circuit Noise Generator SEL SP-44. The measurement was done by Multi-purpose Search Device ST-031M "Piranha".
                                    Without SEL SP-44                                     With SEL SP-44
                     Without_SEL_SP-44.gif        With_SEL_SP-44.gif
                                  Channel of data leakage in 220V circuit                          Protected 220V electric circuit channel
• Main components of the device - noise generators, noise level controllers and output amplifiers - are fully digital devices. This allows, while maintaining a high quality factor of the noise signal, completely eliminate the posibility of information leakage due to self-excitation, parasitic generation and modulation of dangerous voice signal and electric signals, caused by  the electro-acoustic convertors in the circuit elements, and their leakage through the supply lines.
• Uncorrelated noise generators  for the circuits  "phase" - "earth" and "zero" - "earth" allows to eliminate the possibility of informative signal interception for the anti-phase and in-phase connection schemes.
• The presence of independent noise level controllers for the low and high frequency bands allows to optimize the interference spectrum for electromagnetic compatibility, while maintaining sufficient efficiency of masking noise.
• The device has a high-class resistance to impulse interference and allows continuous operation under the conditions equivalent to a short circuit. Application of core output amplifiers significantly increases the efficiency, reliability and stability of the device parameters, allows it to operate in more severe weather conditions.
• During operation the unit constantly performs a self-test, and in case of failure gives sound and light signal.
• Switching on the device can be done by the button on the control panel of the device or by remote control (optional).
Noise frequency range 0.01 - 300 MHz
Lines protected power supply, ground
Spectral-noise density (at 50 Ohm load relatively 1 µV/ √ kHz) in the frequency bands, not less than:  
0.01 - 1 MHz 90 dB
1 - 10 MHz 70 dB
10 - 100 MHz 50 dB
100 - 300 MHz 35 dB
Noise level adjustment range in the frequency bands, not less than:  
0.01 - 0.5 MHz 20 dB
5 - 300 MHz 12 dB
Quantity of independent noise signal channels ¹ 2
Noise quality factor not less than 0,9
Leakage of the current through ground line not more than 1 mA
Noise actuation control manual, remote, RS-485
Operation conditions:  
– operating temperature range from 0 up to+50 °C
– relative humidity at + 25 °C up to 85%
– atmospheric pressure 750 ± 40 mm Hg
Power supply:  
– AC mains 220 V ± 10% 50 Hz
– power consumption not more than 12 W
– dimensions 172 х 172 х 42 mm
– weight not more than 1.5 kg
¹ – for phase-to-ground and zero-to-ground circuits  

Holds the certificates of: Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia (FSTEC) and Sanitary and epidemiological.



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