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ST-202 "UDAV-M" - cellular jammer

The Device ST-202 UDAV is intended as a means of protecting confidentiality during negotiations, by impeding the operation of mobile telephones and obstructing certain digital communications channels (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WiMax).

• ST 202 operates inconspicuously for the visitors and does not impede the use of mobile communication appliances outside its coverage area;
• ST 202 has a graphic display and a convenient interface for the adjustment of operation settings;
• suppression levels can be adjusted separately on each channel;
• suppression in non-suspect channels can be switched off by setting their power levels to minimum;
• ST 062 detector of mobile digital communications devices can be used to activate ST 202 unit upon detection of irradiation in one of the channels;
• ST 202 can be activated remotely via remote control port, or with the aid of an infrared remote control unit;
• ST 202 is equipped with an automatic cooler system;
• a wide range of power supply voltage (12-18V) can be used;
• unlimited operation time when powered from 220V mains.

ST 202 UDAV is a functionally complete unit. On its back panel a socket for connecting the power adapter, a remote control port, and a power switch are located. On the front panel there are a graphic display, control buttons, a power-on LED indicator, and an infrared receiver.
The functioning principle of the Device is based on blocking the service signals of communicative systems by barrage-jamming the corresponding frequency bands.
ST 202 stores all settings in its non-volatile memory, so one does not have to go through the setting up routine every time the Device is activated.

ST-202 UDAV-M jamms:

LTE800-(832-862 Mhz)
GSM 900 - (925-960)
GSM 1800 + DECT - (1805-1900)
3G-1 - (2010-2025)
3G-2 - (2110-2170)
Wf/BT - (2400-2484)
4G/LTE2500 - (2500-2700)
CDMA 450 - (463-468)

Technical characteristics:
Number of independent channels 10
Maximum power output, Wt  
CDMA450 0.8
GSM900 1.8 per channel (2 channels)
GSM1800, DECT 1.8 per channel (2 channels)
3G 1.5 per channel (2 channels)
3G low 1.5
WI-FI, Bluetooth 1
WiMax (4G) 1
LTE800 1
Type of antennae built in wide-band
Operation time unlimited
Power supply 100…240V / 50…60Hz via adapter (12-18 V, 90Wt)
Power consumption from 220V mains, Wt not exceeding 90
dimensions, mm 260 x 180 x 65
Weight (without power unit), kg 0.8
1. ST 202 “UDAV-M” unit 1 pcs
2. Power supply adapter (12V, 90Wt) 1 pcs
3. Technical description & operating manual 1 pcs
4. Packaging 1 pcs
5. Remote control unit optional

 *NOTE ! A special permission is required to obtain this device.



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