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SEL SP–157 - acoustic and vibroacoustic protection system of speech information

System is a technical mean of information protection, intended for protection of premises from soliciting through walling and engineered technical communications. Operating principle is based on forming wideband acoustic and vibroacoustic masking noise interferences (analogue white noise or mixed with a digital speech-like interference). The system consists of a central generator unit and connected to it by wire passive electromagnetic (vibration) or electrodynamic (acoustic) transducers.
Special features of the system:
• Entrance to the setup menu is protected by a 4-digit password variable.
• Timing of use of noise generation and display on the LCD indicator values separately for each channel (the correction values are not user).
• Short-circuit protection for each channel.
• Monitor the status of the system.
• Adjusting the emission level.
• Wired remote control (Optional).

Technical characteristics:
Diapason of  reproducted by transducers noise signal from 90 Hz to 11,2 kHz
Quantity of constructively independent channels 2
Output power of each channel  
- nominal 4 W
- maximal (until overload) at least 9 W
Quantity of transducers connected to each channel up to 32
Total quantity of transducers conected to the system up to 64
Equivalent load impendence of one channel from 2,7 to 12,5 Ohm
Quantity of the octave lines of the equalizer 7
Power supply from mains 220 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption 30W
Mid-geometric frequencies of octave bands  125, 250, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz 8 kHz
Dimensions and weight of:  
- generator, not more  225x150x75 / 3 kg
- vibro-transducers SEL SP–157VP, no more  d40х35 mm / 0,05 kg
- acoustic transducer SEL SP–157AS, no more  100х70х35 mm / 0,25 kg 


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