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ST-154 - RF Monitoring System

The main purpose of the system is the detection of unauthorized transmission within the supervised area. These areas include:
Meeting rooms and offices
Exam rooms and testing facilities
Prisons and correctional facilities
Areas with limited use of cell phones, radios, etc.
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SEL SP-71R "Raksa" - selective frequency meter

The device is designed to detect and locate in a near zone most surveillance devices using radio frequencies between 40 MHz and 3.8 GHz

The device provides detection of:
• cellular phones of GSM900/1800, UMTS(3G), CDMA450 standards;
• DECT phones;
• Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices;
• wireless video cameras;
• radio transmitters with analogue modulation (AM, FM, PM);
• radio transmitters with digital modulation and continuous carrier (FSK, PSK, etc.);
• radio transmitters with wideband modulation up to 10 MHz bandwidth.

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