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ZERO - Mobile microphone jammer

ZERO is a device used for effective protection of rooms (conference halls, offices, rooms for meetings etc.) against the possibility of eavesdropping on talks that take place in them and that constitute official, business or private secrets. ZERO emits inaudible acoustic signal, in fragmentary narrow bands of acoustic and ultra acoustic sound.
The components of the emitted sound are mixed in a randomly variable way, with the aid of specially developed algorithm. This signal acts physically on microphones of audio devices, causing their resonance, thus making impossible the clear recording or playing back of all kinds of received acoustic signals.
In particular ZERO blocks the operation of analogue and digital eavesdropping devices, dictaphones, voice recorders built into mobile phones, etc. The emitted interfering signal has all round feature (360 °°) with the guaranteed jamming of all types of listening and recording devices effectiveness within 2 m radius from the GTG ZERO
•The range of frequencies generated 25,5 26,5 kHz
•signal level: 117dB
•Guaranteed jamming radius (all types of surveillance devices): 2 m, 360
•Power: 12V/220V/230V 50HZ
•Weight: 5 kg, Dimensions: diameter 230mm; height 110 mm
•Continuous operation time with battery power up to 2 hours
•Continuous operation time with 230V AC power supply 5 hours
•Automatic shut off after 2 hours of operation
Useful Tips :
•ZERO device it should be placed in the middle of the table, where sit people running
•Other placement of the device result in limiting the possibility of effective jamming. In the
case of large tables, it is recommended to use two or more ZERO devices

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