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SEL 08 - Portable Jammer of Microphones and Audio Recorders

SEL 08 is a small size portable microphone jammer for jamming cell phones, audio recorders for personal use that helps protect confidential audio information during conversations in indoor meetings, outdoors or inside the car. It can be easily and quickly installed inside a car, on or under a conference room table, or built into a briefcase or purse. Despite its small size, SEL 08 is a highly effective jamming device, producing a complex jamming signal in the ultrasonic band above the point of human hearing.
SEL 08 effectively blocks wiretaps, voice recording and microphones in the range of 0,5-4 meters, such as:
• microphones in cell phones;
• digital recorders of the sound with the built-in microphone or the microphone on the cable;
• professional digital dictaphones of the type : EDIC-the mini, Gnome, Olympus, Papyrus...;
• dictaphones built-in in Smartphones of the type: Iphone 15 PRO MAX, HTC, SONY , LG, SAMSUNG...;
• radio microphones, microphones of recorders audio-the video;
• microphones of cameras, bugging microphones;
• professional dictaphones hidden in cards to ATMs;
• older and newer dictaphones, recorders in the metal-housing.
Ultrasonic Jammer SEL 08 prevents also to leakages of the information by means of bugging analog, digital, optical and seismic wiretaps. Array of 8 high quality ultrasonic transducers controlled by a microprocessor achieving the best possible jamming efficiency and making any microphone recorded speech signal unintelligible to listen to.
• Type of work: proprietary algorithm for generating interference using a digital ultrasonic signal;
• The radio remote control turns on and off;
• Charging and battery status indicator;
• Quiet operation – does not emit an audible and troublesome sound;
• Simple operation and use.
Set includes:
• SEL 08 microphone jammer
• Power supply 5V/230 V
• RF remote control - 2 pcs
Technical characteristics:
Max range: depending on the type of voice recorder, wiretapping 0.5-4 m
Directionality horizontal and vertical planes  85°
Power supply 110-230 built-in internal accumulator Li-ion / the power supply 5V/110 230V
Battery life 4-5 hours
Maximum continuous operating time 4-5 hours, break time 30 minutes
Charging time 3 hours
Remote control switching on/off, the range ~20 meters
Wireless remote control work frequency 433.92 MHz in the ISM band
Weight 0,5 kg
Operating temperature 0°...+40°C (32-104 Fahrenheit)
Dimensions 20x12x4 cm.

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