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SEL ULTRA SPEAKER - Ceiling Jammer of Microphones and Audio Recorders

SEL ULTRA SPEAKER is a modern microphone jammer, which is using high-quality ultrasonic transducers controlled by a microprocessor, integrated into a common ceiling speaker case and intended for installation above desks and tables in meeting rooms.
Device is an effective jamming device, producing a complex jamming signal in the ultrasonic band above the point of human hearing. A system of high-quality ultrasonic transducers controlled by a microprocessor that achieves the best possible jamming efficiency and makes any recorded conversation impossible to playback. Due to jammers ceiling mounting position, a multipath propagation effect is created, which reflects the generated noise from surfaces and items, further increasing the suppression area and efficiency.
• Type of work: proprietary software for generating digital ultrasonic jamming signal;
• Easy to use control: can be turned on/off via presence of power in the power supply line.
• The radio remote control turns jamming noise off and on;
• Quiet operation – does not emit an audible and troublesome sound;
• Simple operation and use.
• Easy mounting spring brackets.
Device effectively blocks wiretaps, voice recording and microphones in a distance of ~3metres such as:
• microphones in cell phones;
• digital recorders of the sound with the built-in microphone or the microphone on the cable;
• professional digital dictaphones of the type : EDIC-the mini, Gnome, Olympus, Papyrus...;
• dictaphones built-in in Smartphones of the type the Iphone, HTC, SONY , LG, SAMSUNG...;
• radio microphones, microphones of recorders audio-the video;
• microphones of cameras, bugging microphones;
• professional dictaphones hidden in cards to ATMs;
Technical characteristics:
Max range: depending on the microphone ~3 meters
Directionality horizontal  plane 120°
Power supply the power adapter 15V/110-230V
Maximum continuous operating time 4-5 hours, break time 30 minutes
Remote control switching on/off, the range ~20 meters
Wireless remote control work frequency 433.92 MHz in the ISM band
Mounting hole diameter 190mm, mounting template included
Operating temperature 0°...+40°C (32-104 Fahrenheit)
Set includes jammer, power adapter, remote control (2pcs)
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