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Shtora-4 - portable radio noise generator

Shtora-4 is a jammer which provides:
  • concealment of informative emanating spurious transmissions of computers and peripheral devices;
  • suppression of receivers used for radio remote control.
Shtora-4 is a powerful wideband generator creating electromagnetic interference within the range of 0.1 to 2500 MHz with the integral output power of up to 35 W.
The generator is made in the metal body which is camouflaged in a bag.

The modification Shtora-4M provides more power for the suppression of radio microphones operating in the 400-450 MHz band.

Visual difference between unprotected and protected radio channel from information leakage. Protection is done by Portative Radio Noise Generator Shtora-4M. The measurement was done by Multi-purpose Search Device ST-031M "Piranha".

                            Without Sthora-4M                                 With Shtora-4M
              Without_Shtora-4M.gif   With_Shtora-4M.gif
                         Channel of data leakage radio channel                              Protected radio channel
Frequency range 0.1 – 2500 MHz
Integral output power 35 W
Spectral density of the electric component of electromagnetic noise field emitted by telescopic antennas at the distance of 5 m (relative to 1 µV/(m х √ kHz)), not less than:  
0.1-30 MHz 55 dB
30-100 MHz 45 dB
100-650 MHz 55 dB
650-850 MHz 45 dB
850-1000 MHz 25 dB
1000 - 2500 MHz 20 dB
Power supply from 220 V AC, 50 Hz network
  from 12 V DC (in a car)
Consumption power not more than 100 W
Operation mode establishment time not more than 10 s
Operating temperature +5Co...+40Co
Dimensions of the metal case 220 х 135 х 35 mm
Weight not more than 4 kg

*NOTE ! Special permission is required to obtain this device.


Download Shtora-4M-User-Manual-ENG pdf

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