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SEL-111K "Chiffon" - an active information protection from TEMPEST

SEL-111K "Chiffon" is an active information protection from TEMPEST (Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard) leakage system is designed to protect information processed by technical means and systems by generating an electromagnetic field noise interference signal over a wide frequency range in space and electrical noise signals on the conductors, including on the ground circuit and the power supply conductive lines and engineering communications beyond the controlled area.
Capabilities and features of the system:
• Use of the thermal noise source with digital processing provides a uniform linear spectrum of the noise signal over the entire frequency range.
• Separate adjustment of the output level of the noise per band allows optimal way to form a "protective interference" by reducing the levels of spurious electromagnetic radiation.
• Digital autonomous (password protected) management and control of system settings with the information output to the built-in LCD screen.
• Remote control over Ethernet allows you to combine devices in a network to form a distributed information protection system of any object.
• The built-in counter of the total operating time of the generator interference with the registration of values in a secure non-volatile memory.
• Distributed control system and indicating normal operation or an emergency in parts of the system (visual, audio, text).
The composition and construction of the system: Structurally the system consists of a dual-channel noise generator loaded on antennas for spatial noising, pointing device noise signal on the conductive lines and communications, as well as control devices and monitoring the health of the system. Power supply and guidance device may be either embedded in the block noise generation, and separately connected by wire.
The basic system configuration:
• Central generation block noise SEL-111G;
• Telescopic (whip) antenna TA-111
Additional elements of the system:
• Ultra-wideband flat antenna PA-111;
• Wired device SEL SP-810 remote control;
• Wired via Ethernet controller bundled with specialized software SEL SP-830.
The amount and composition of the elements of the system is selected depending on the characteristics and category of protected object.
The range of the generated noise signal 10 kHz - 3 GHz
Entropy noise ratio 0.9
Output of the magnetic antenna terminal 0.01 - 30 MHz
Output RF antenna, SMA connector 0.01 - 3000 MHz
The output terminals for connecting to wires, plug: 0.01 - 400 MHz
Range of noise level adjustment from 0 to - 30 dB
Sub-band intervals to adjust the noise level at the output "A"

0.01-30, 30-140, 140-260, 260-400, 400-700, 700-1000, 1000-2000, 2000-3000 MHz

Sub-band intervals to adjust the noise level at the output of the "B" 0.01-1, 1-30, 30-140, 140-400 MHz
Built-in LCD screen size 62x18 mm
 Indication of normal operation LED and text
Indication of emergency mode LED, text and audible (buzzer)
Controlling options using panel, using remote control or network Ethernet 10/100
Power supply 220 V 50 Hz or via an external DC adapter 12V 2A
Dimensions of generator 225x150x75 mm



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