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DT-650 - Drone Jammer with Detection

DT-650 is a Powerful Portable Drone Jammer. This cutting-edge device is based on SDR technology and is designed to provide you with the ultimate protection against unwanted drones.
DT-650 is able to detect drone data transmission signals, drone remote control signals, and WIFI signals, providing you with complete protection against all types of drones. With its big LCD screen and user-friendly interface, it’s easy to use and operate. With its strong detection and strike functions, DT-650 can detect drones in real-time, with omnidirectional detection capabilities and directional detection distance of over 2km in an open environment. It can also interfere with drones at a distance of over 1.5km.
Moreover, DT-650 has a battery standby time of no less than 12 hours and a continuous working time of no less than 60 minutes using one single battery. This ensures that you have the protection needed for an extended period of time. Its IP54 rating makes it resistant to dust and water splashes, making it the perfect choice for use in any environment. Less than 4.5kgs, this portable drone jammer can be widely used in many applications such as Military Operations, Prison Security, VIP Protection, Aircraft Safety, Personal Privacy.

Distinctive features:
• Wide Detection Frequency Range
• Fast Responding Time
• Low False Alarm Rate
• Powerful Detection Capability:
• IP54 Protection Level for outdoor using
• Big LED screen with user friendly interface


Detection Method Radio Spectrum Detection
Detection Signal Types Drone data transmission signal, drone remote control signal, WIFI signal 
Detection Frequency 840...930MHz,1430...1444 MHz,1550...1620 MHz, 2400...2500MHz, 5725...5875MHz
Detection Antenna Omnidirectional
Detection Distance ≥2km (open environment)
0.5km...1km (suburban environment)
Detection Response 10s
False Alarm Rate ≤5%
Underreporting Rate ≤5%
Alarm Mode LED display, audible alarm
Direction Measurement Angle ≤20°
Interference Countermeasures Mechanism SDR (Software Defined Radio)
Interference Frequency 840...930MHz,1430...1444 MHz,1550...1620 MHz, 2400...2500MHz,5725...5875MHz,
2515...2675 MHz, 3400...3600 MHz
Interference Capability >1.5km, dry to pass ratio not less than 10:1
Transmission Power Adjustment Supports adjustable transmission power according to interference distance requirements
Interference Antenna Type Directional antenna
Interference Transmission Angle ≥30°
Interference Response Time <5s
Continuous Working Time Not less than 60 minutes (full frequency transmission on)
Standby Duty Time Not less than 12 hours (single battery)
Information Display Mode LED display screen
Information Display Content Self check status, drone model, drone frequency band, drone signal amplitude, date
time,battery level, interference duration, etc
Dimensions ≤50×30×10cm
Weight ≤4.5kg
Operating Temperature -30°...+45°C
Power Supply Lithium battery (2 pcs)
Protection Level IP54


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