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SEL-1000 STRIKER PRO - Drone Jammer with Detection

SEL-1000 STRIKER PRO is designed for interfering with the frequency band used by the drones, which can push the drone away or force the drone to land and completely cut off the contact between the drone and the remote control or the ground station to ensure the safety of the low-altitude airspace in the area. The system is equipped with a 2.8-inch bright IPS LCD screen, which has the function of detecting the orientation and model of the drone.
Position Function Parameter
Module type High-precision L1, 15 dual-frequency GNSS receiving module
Position system Beidou, GPS
PPS search accuracy ±15 ns
Maximum speed 515 m/s
Speed accuracy 0.1 m/s
Dynamic heading Angle accuracy 0.3
 Networking Function Parameters
Communication method UART
Communication frequency band 868 MHz
Transmission power 1 W
Transmission distance 2 Km
Encryption method AES dynamic encryption
 Detection Technical Parameters
Detection frequency Dual frequency 2400~2485MHz, 5150~5950MHz
Detection antenna gain 2 dBi
Detection power consumption ≤5 W
Detection mode Omnidirectional and directional detection
Detection distance 1...2 km
Number of detections Multiple targets
Detects and identifies Commonly used UAV types
Warning mode Sound, vibration
Jamming Technical Parameters
Operating frequency 900...930 MHz, 1550...1620 MHz, 2400...2500 MHz, 5715...5850 MHz
Output power 150 W
Signal mode DSSS(spread spectrum) / FHSS (frequency hopping)
Battery pack capacity 14000mah (2x7000mah lithium batteries)
Endurance ≥30 minutes (continuous launch); ≥120 minutes (30s launch and 90s stop)
Product weight  ~4.5 Kg
Product size Host: 690x300x80 mm
Working mode Expel/Forced land mode; Each module can be individually controlled on and off
Screen 2.8-inch high-lighted IPS screen
Scope magnification Maximum 4 times
Jamming distance Flight height 100m: control distance ≥1700m,
Flight height 200m: control distance ≥2000m
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