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SMD-300M - selective pulse metal detector

DESIGNED FOR: search for metallic items their shape and dimensions evaluation against homogeneous background with possible metallic insertions, thin-wall metallic housings of electronic units concealed in building structures with regular reinforcement (floors, ceilings, walls).

Examination of building structures as well as furniture and domestic articles for metallic housings of concealed bugging facilities (radio-mikes, microphone amplifiers, dictaphones and etc).
  • 'LISTENING' mode for EM interference control near the detected metallic item
  • USB connection to PC for data collection and their possible complementary analysis
  • Detects metallic items in homogeneous material with regular metallic parts
  • Flat metallic item discrimination from 3D ones
  • Metallic item occurrence depth evaluation, distinction  up to 3 metallic items embedded one beneath another with their depth estimation
  • Cross-cut dimension evaluation for 2-3 metallic items embedded one beneath another
  • Extended continuous operation time without battery replacement
Technical characteristics:
50x50 metallic case detection range:  
- in non-reinforces building structures up to 300mm
- in reinforced structures up to 150mm
Embedding depth evaluation accuracy  
- audio headphones
- visual graphic LCD display
Power supply rechargeable battery
Continuous operation time (with one fresh battery) up to 6h
Weight (ready for operation / in standard packing ) 2.5kg / 6kg
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