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Counter Terrorism Facilities

    Terrorism is a method by which an organized party or group is trying to fulfill their declared goals through the use of violence aimed at causing panic in the society, at weaken and destabilizing the state power in the country. Overarching terrorism objective is to indoctrinate feeling of insecurity in the face of violence among the population.
    International terrorism now is a well-tuned system of interrelations between well-structured terrorist groups all around the world, which acts in favour of decentralization and separatism, has reliable channels of receipting funds and weapons. Terrorist activities include: murder and attempted them, the capture and retention of hostages, vehicles, embassies, settlements, railway stations, places of political and international actions, headquarters of political organizations and parties, etc. Terrorists organize explosions, kidnapping, deliberate conflagrations, applying forceful pressure on government officials, judges and community leaders.
    The program of struggle against terrorism consists in the following:
• legal measures in countering terrorism;
• preventive measures, including control over the markets sales of weapons, other armament of mass destruction;
• administrative and disciplinary measures, including international cooperation;
• special efforts prevention terrorist acts (technical and security, operational and investigative).
    One of the important technical preventive measures against terrorism is the non-linear and metall detectors aimed at detection of semiconductor and iron parts of IEDs and explosive vapor detectors aimed at detection of explosive substances used by terrorists.
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