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SPHINX Vortex - metal detector (CE compliant)

A new model of the SPHINX VORTEX metal detector (2018 model year) has united modern engineering solutions for instrumentation and modern design projecting, based on more than 25 years of experience in the production of hand metal detectors.
 SPHINX VORTEX is designed to search and detect metal objects during personal inspection, baggage control and correspondence
  • High sensitivity;
  • Wide scanning area;
  • Full automatic adjustment;
  • Protection against changes in the device setting;
  • High noise immunity;
  • Automatic power off for more than 8 minutes;
  • Impact-resistant plastic housing ABS;
  • Detection of all types of metals;
  • Sound and light indication;
  • Battery discharge indication;
  • Less power consumption;
  • Wide range of operating temperature;
  • Modular charger;
  • Wall mounting possibility.
Package includes
  • The device;
  • Instruction;
  • Battery 9 (8,4) V.
Additional possible accessories (Optional)
  • Rechargeable battery 200 mA, Modular charger 220V, 50Hz (European standard), with a possibility to mount it to the wall. This solution provides a charging source for the battery supplement which is included in the package, it will organize a place to store the metal detector at the object.
  • Detector sheath (genuine leather).


Type of technology scheme digital, microprocessor
Sensor type  «flat»
Settings  automatic
Scanning mode  dynamic
Sensitivity (medium-sized pistol)  160 mm
Operating frequency  20...50kHz
Metal detection alarms types sound, light, no sound
Sensitivity control  decreasing by 2 times
Consuming current  3.5 mA
Power supply  9 V
Time of continues operation (in case of using U9VL-J 9V battery type)  340 h
Automatic power supply disconnection when not in use 8 min.
Operation level of discharge battery indication  6,5 V
Operating temperature range  -15° ... +5° С
Dimensions  420х80х30 mm
Weight with a battery  0,34 kg
Complete set  on request
Warranty  24 months


Download Vortex-datasheet-ENG pdf

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Download Vortex-Manual-ENG pdf

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