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Katгan-Lux - Non-linear junction detector

Nonlinear locator (junction detector) “Katran-Lux” is intended for search and detection of electronic devices installed in building structures, pieces of furniture and interior, both in transmission and switched-off mode.
Distinctive features:
-adjustable wide range transmission power and possibility to work near radioelectronic devices;
-automatic output power adjustments makes operator’s work much easier;
-use of digital signal processing allows to optimize signals processing algorithms and reach maximal sensitivity;
-use of 3 types of ranging signal modulation (PULSE type carrier frequency impulse modulation, uninterrupted transmission of carrier frequency CW and uninterrupted transmission of carrier frequency with 1 kHz signal frequency modulation (CW + FM)) allows to combine long detection range with reliable identification of detected devices;
-level of the 2nd and 3rd harmonics may be assessed in turns aurally by frequency of clicks translated through an internal speaker or attachable headphones.
-presence of a reradiated SHF signal envelope detector allows to listen to active electronic devices containing an acoustic transducer.
-possibility to work both with a rechargeable battery or 220 V AC power supply.
The work of a nonlinear junction detector is based on the ability of semiconductor elements to react to a ranging high frequency signal reradiating the 2nd and 3rd harmonics of this signal. “Katran-Lux” ensures detection of devices containing semiconductor elements and preliminary assessment of the detected object based on the levels of reradiated 2nd and 3rd harmonics. The maximal response from artificial semiconductor elements (transistors, diodes, microchips) is noticed on the 2nd harmonic of the probing signal. 
The detector “Katran-Lux” allows to analyze responses of the irradiated objects on both 2nd and 3rd harmonics of the ranging signal which ensures reliable identification of electronic devices and natural oxide semiconductors. The levels of 2nd and 3rd harmonics signals are indicated simultaneously on the locator’s LED display.

Package contents:
  1. Receiving and transmitting antenna block with a rod and a changeable Li-Ion accumulator battery. 
  2. A battery charger.
  3. An AC adapter for the charger.
  4. An operation instruction, a passport.
  5. Transportation package.


Types of probing signal continuous/pulse
Probing signal frequency 800 MHz
Frequency modulation (CW + FM)
Analyzed harmonics 2nd and 3rd
Output transmission power: 15W pulse, 1W continuous, 1W in CW + FM mode
Dynamic output adjustment range 20 dB, 11 levels
Sensitivity of radio receivers not worse that -110 dBm
Time of continuous work with one battery at the max. output power:  
- in pulse carrier frequency mode at least 5 hours
- in continuous carrier frequency transmission mode (CW) at least 2 hours
Weight of fully equipped device not more than 1.7 kg
Total length of the device in working condition 125 cm
Total length of the device in folded condition 55 cm



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