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NR-MD - Handheld Selective Inductive Mine Detector

NR-MD is designed for detection of suspicious items with metallic housing and components that are positioned on the ground surface, embedded in soil, snow or water as well as under the pavement.


√ searching items classification is available on the basis of physical dimensions and sort of metal (ferrous – non-ferrous)
√ technical parameters can be adjusted by an operator for searching mode optimization: the device sensitivity and selectivity
√ the standard software supports:
- data export to PC coupled to the device;
- operational parameters modification to fit a certain specific task (searching for metallic items with set-up parameters);
- non-standard coils matching with the device working parameters (from third-party supplier or various home advanced models).


Delivery set:
1. Main unit;
2. Test probe No1;
3. Test probe No.2;
4. Batteries;
5. carrying case;
6. Headphones;
7. Detection element and the spiral cable;
8. Telescopic rod;
9. Carrying bag.
Technical characteristics:
Type of alarm sound and lighting
Battery battery type size LR-20 (AA)
Supply voltage 4,5...9,0

Current, mA, max

- without light indication

- with light indication




Setup time not more than 3 min.
Time of preparation for the use after power up not more than 10 min.
Pace of search, m2/h up to 300
Continuous operation without having to replace the power supply in normal climatic conditions at least 8h

Terms of use:

- operating temperature, ºC

- relative humidity, %


-30º to +50º

95±3 ( temperature (+35±2ºC) )


- in the operating position 2.2 kg
- in the carrying bag 3.3 kg
- in the carrying case 11.7 kg


Download NR-MD-Manual-ENG pdf

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