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NR-12C - Handheld control-wire-line detector

NR-12C was made for engineer forces, law enforcement squads, and security teams and intended for the field application. Its main task is to reveal IED command line, determine is location and trace its route.

• Roads, terrain and objects inspection for mines, improvised explosive devices (IED) and other explosive appliances containing electronic components.
• Searching for hidden cache with weapons, ammunition and explosive devices.
• Investigation of questionable items, searching for sabotage-terroristic devices.

• Short RC IED wire-line detection (from 20m and longer)
• User-friendly design, the tool can be easily adjusted under operator’s height, surface relief and the height of vegetation
• Two operational modes:
-Unknown wire-line detection
-The detected line tracing.
• Audible indication.
• LED indication:
-Signal level in wire-line searching mode.
-Direction of deflection from the detected line trace.
• Power-source-state LED indication together with continuous voltage control.
• Separate generator and receiver modules operation possibility.
Technical characteristics:
Start-up time not more than 10min
Searching speed 3...5 km/h
Detection operation accuracy not worse than ±10cm
Continuous operation time (under normal environmental conditions) not less than 10h
Power supply 6 AA cells, 2.5 Ah
Weight (in ready for operation mode) not more than 3.3 kg
Operation temperature range -40ºC...+50ºC
Humidity up to 100% (under temperature up to +25 C)


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