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Forteza PDS - Quick-adjusting microwave alarm system

Quick-deployed microwave alarm system Forteza PDS is designed for quick creation of protection border-lines of various configurations, with a total length of up to 2000 m, including on an unprepared terrain, without performing any construction works and laying wired communication and power lines. The complex can be used to protect the perimeter of stationary, temporary and mobile objects.

The principle of operation is based on generation of an invisible volumetric detection zone between the transmitter and the receiver. When the intruder is crossing the detection zone, the receiver registers its alteration and generates the alarm. Alarm signal is being transmitted to alarm receiver PDS-A.

-Easy and quick instalation;
-Reliable detection of the intruder;
-High interference immunity.


Guard line length up to 2000 m
Maximum number of zones in a system up to 20 zones
Operating range of 1 zone 5...100 meters
The range of the radio channel for the transmission of alarm messages in line-of-sight conditions using PDS-A alarm receiver 850 meters
Delay in issuing an ALARM notification no more than 10 seconds from the moment of crossing the zone
Recovery time (time when the complex is ready after the ALARM
message is generated)
no more than 20 s
Continuous operation time minimum 1000 hours
Operating frequency of the zone 24150±100 MHz
Operating frequency of the radio channel for transmitting alarm
868.1±0.1 MHz
Operating Temperature -40 to +50 ºС
Weight of 1 zone with bag 5 kg



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