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SPHINX Vortex 360 - metal detector (CE compliant)

Metal Detector SPHINX VORTEX 360. combines all the best that our company has achieved over 25 years of work on the development and production of inspection metal detectors. Handheld metal detector VORTEX 360 is designed to detect and accurately locate metal objects on the human body, in luggage and correspondence. A particular feature of this model is that, in addition to a uniform sensitivity chart along the axis, it also has a high sensitive zone in the front part of the search element, which gives operator the possibility to precisely localize nearby objects.
The device can be used by customs clearance and inspection services, special units, security companies and other services to detect objects made from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The model has system of automatic adjustment feature, which allows maintaining stable characteristics when the operating conditions are changing (temperature, humidity). The device automatically adjusts itself upon turning on the power supply.
  • High sensitivity;
  • A uniform diagram with an additional narrowly focused zone of increased
  • Sensitivity in the front part of the search element;
  • Precise localization mode;
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment;
  • Selection by dimensions;
  • Detection of all types of metals; automatic power off;
  • Bright light, sound and vibro indication;
  • “No sound“ option;
  • No false alarms;
  • Recharging battery without disassembling it;
  • Schock-resistant housing;
  • Indication of battery discharge;
  • Ergonomic design.
Package includes
  • The device;
  • Instruction;
  • Battery 9 (8,4) V.
Additional possible accessories (Optional)
  • Charger 220V, 50Hz (eurostandart). This solution provides charging the battery, which comes with the delivery set;
  • Detector sheath (genuine leather).


Type of technology scheme digital, microprocessor
Sensor type  cylindrical, 360 degrees
Settings  automatic
Scanning mode  static
Sensitivity (medium-sized pistol)  130 mm
Operating frequency  ~100kHz
Metal detection alarms types sound, light, vibro
Sensitivity control  decrease by 2 times
Consuming current  3.5 mA
Power supply  9 V
Time of continues operation (in case of using U9VL-J 9V battery type)  340 h
Automatic power supply disconnection when not in use 8 min.
Operation level of discharge battery indication  6,5 V
Operating temperature range  - 37° ... +70° С
Dimensions  432х55х31 mm
Weight with a battery  0,32 kg
Complete set  on request
Warranty  24 months


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