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NR-900EMS - Professional non-linear junction detector

Professional Non-linear Junction Detector (NLJD) for building structures investigation and household goods examination. It is intended for searching and localization of illegally installed eavesdropping devices including voice recorders (dictaphones) and other electronic equipment. At that, they can be in any operational mode: transmission, recording, stand-by or even switched off.

The NLJD’s high power datum allows operator to use it for distant IED detection with RC and electronic timers installed.
  • New generation of the famous NR-900EM.
  • Unprecedented potential budget -163dB.
  • No analogues.
  • Up-to-date design and perfect ergonomic parameters.
  • Operation simplicity.
  • Comprehensive LCD.
  • Reliable high quality modules and components.
  • High noise immunity.
  • Absolute protection against any standard of mobile phone communication.
  • Signal’s curve extraction mode (20К).
  • Stark absence of internal interference.
Technical characteristics:
Average UHF output less then 0.2 W
Output adjustment 8 dB (one step) 
Output frequency  848 MHz  
Two channel receiver’s sensitivity not worse then  -150 dBW 
Antenna polarization  circular 
Indication LCD & audio
Continuous operation time with built-in rechargeable battery not less then 4 h
Transceiver module weight  not more 2.2 kg
The weight of telescopic rod with antenna system  1.5 kg 




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