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Anker-R - clockwork-actuated explosive devices detector

Anker-R is a secondary field detector (kind of noncontact parametric detector ) which remotely detects clock delayers as well as the explosive devices with working command decoders.
It provides detection of mechanical, electromechanical and electronicelectronic (including wrist-watch based) timers, alive electronic remote control units as well as small multiple metal objects hidden on the body of a moving man. The Anker-R operates by remotely detecting weak currents inside I.E.D. actuators, based on analyzing reradiated RF signal.
Detection range:  
- Mechanical and electromechanical timer of alarm clock type up to 5 meters
- Electromechanical wristwatch up to 0,8 meters
- Electronic desktop clock up to 1.2 meters
- Electronic wrist watch up to 0,9 meters
- Electronic controlled device up to 1,5 meters


Main unit  
Operational frequency 2.45±0,01 Ghz
Emitted UHF power (max) 10 mW
Anenna polarization linear
Power supply 6xAA cells
Current consumtion not more 200 mA
Continous operation time with one set of fresh cells not less than 20 h
Dimentions without handle 200x200x35 mm
Operating temperature from +5 up to +40 °C
Relative humidity (under 25 °C) not more 80%
Weight with batteries 600 g
Standard test unit  
Power supply 2xAA cells
Current comsumption not more 4 mA
Operation time with one set of fresh cells not less than 500 h
Dimentions 72x34x21 mm



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