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NR-900S - Non-linear junction detector

Areas of applications:                              
Detection of mobile phones
Searching of Improvised Explosive Devices (electronic control systems of IEDs) at background of complex man-made interference from urban constructions

√ New non-linear junction detector NR-SOUND, ensuring sensitivity not worse than minus 140 dBm
√ Range of detection is comparable to the nonlinear detector NR900EK "Eagle".
√ A non-trivial solution for the receiving tract provides for the possibility of fine structure analysis of the reflected signal.
√ For the first time the possibility of identifying and selecting of active electronic targets against a background of interfering noise generated by other electronic devices is realized.

Target detection range. Standard imitator - test unit (maximum probing signal output & maximum receiver sensitivity).  not less than 1 meter.
The average power of probing signal in the search mode not more than 400 mW
Sensitivity not worse than -140 dBm
Probing signal level
0 dB
-6 dB
-12 dB
Receiver input signal attenuation 10 dB, 20 dB, 30 dB, 40 dB
Received signal level indication
LED display
Power supply 2 x ‘Soshine’ 18650 Li-ion rechargeable cells 2800mAh, 3.7V
Operational condition:
Operating temperature
Storage and shipping temperature
Relative humidity (under +25°С)
+5°С … +40°С
Minus 20°С … +50°С
93±3 %
Continuous operation time with two sets of fully charged cells: 
-Searching mode
-Listening mode
not less 8 h
not less 1 h
Device in a ready for operation state
Main unit
‘Pistol-grip’ control unit
‘Rifle-buttstock’ control unit
Complete set in a standard packing
1.4 kg
1.0 kg
0.4 kg.
1.2 kg.
7.5 kg



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