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Optic-2 - Optical Hidden Camera Detector

Professional hidden camera detector "Optic-2" is designed to detect and locate hidden (camouflaged in the interior) camcorders such as "pinhole", regardless of their status (on/off) and the type of video signals.

The detector is designed as a binoculars in rubberized metal housing.


The detection method implemented in the "Optics-2" is based on the optical detection and allows to detect video cameras due to the effect of reverse reflection or "reverse blink". Upon detection of a hidden camera you will see a green or red dot in the Optic-2 lens as a result of reflection.

Technical advantages:
- The detector allows to inspect the objects more qualitatively.
- Less stress for the operator when compared with monoculars (no need to close one eye).
- The green LED light allows to detect cameras, which are protected by a special filters, which are being used to bypass the detection based on red light.
- Built-in battery allows not to worry about battery cells.
- 6.5x zoom lets you to inspect the smallest details and hardly reachable elements of the interior.

Detector Optic-2 is safe for short-term direct illumination in the eye. Laser radiation is not being used.

Package Includes:
Detector "Optical-2" - 1 pc.
Built-in rechargeable Li-ion 3,6 V, 800-1200 mA battery - 1 pc.
The charger 5 V / 0.6 A - 1 pc.
Strap - 1 pc.
Bag - 1 pc.
Manual- 1 pc.


Technical characteristics:
Detection range (depending on light conditions (ambient light) ) from 0.5 to 50 meters
Angle of view 7,5 degrees
Multiplicity 6,5x
Focusing range 0,5m to ∞
- solid green
- continuous red
- pulsed green
- pulsed red
- pulsed red/green
Power type Li-ion 3.6 V
Type of light LED
Number of LED's 22 pcs.
Weight (grams) 450 gr.
Weight in the transport bag with charger 800 gr.
Operating time (when fully charged)
- in pulse mode when using
red/green light: at least 4 h.
- continuously: not less than 6 h.


Optic-2. Owners manual. Eng

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