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NR-CHP - Non-linear junction detector

This new Non-linear junction detector is designed to detect:
prohibited electronic devices (including voice recorders, mobile telephones, SIM-cards, digital memory devices), as well as firearms; 
Improvised explosive devices (IED electronic control systems) in hand luggage and on the “operator’s” body, in the complex technogenic interference from the city environment;
Covert eavesdropping electronic devices.
• Absolute safety (sanitary-hygienic certificate).
• Accurate detection of ultra miniature electronic devices, which are problematically detected by metal detectors.
• Confident detection of small-sized targets in a wide range of embedding environments (including wet environments).
• Precise identifications at fast rate of sweep.
• Single body construction, no detachable connections or cables.

The device allows to detect:
• SIM (UIM) card – up to 0,5 meter.
• Mobile phone – up to 1 meter.
Technical characteristics:
Type of modulation pulse-amplitude modulation
Mode of operation “Search”
Average output power in search mode not more than 200 mW
Power supply 2 Soshine batteries 18650 3,7 V
Operation time at least 4 hours
Operational weight not more than 1.2 kg
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