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Lornet Star - Non-linear junction detector

The only multifunctional non-linear junction detector featuring an integrated spectrum analyzer of 2nd and 3rd harmonics and changeable transmitter-receiver antennas of 3 frequency bands: 800 MHz, 2400 MHz and 3600 MHz. Integrated spectrum analyzer can significantly improve the identification of semiconductor elements (only for antenna 2400 MHz)



Competitive advantages
• Integrated spectrum analyzer of 2nd and 3rd harmonics can significantly improve the identification of semiconductor elements (only for 2400 MHz)
• The operator can analyze not only the amplitude, but also the spectrum of 2nd and 3rd harmonics signals re-emitted by a non-linear object, relative to probing frequency, which increases informational content of the non-linear features of the object. In particular, that considerably facilitates decision-making on the separation of corrosive and artificial semiconductors.
• There is a built-in module measuring the reflected power of the probing signal from the research object, which allows it to estimate the extent of the reflecting surface of the object.
• Use of 3 replaceable transmit/receive units significantly reduces the probability of missing a thing at search operations providing major advantages in all three ranges:
-800 MHz - all-weather and relatively low attenuation of signals in dense medium (brick, concrete, etc.),
-2400 MHz - the opportunity to detect SIM cards and small (about 1 cm?) semiconductor devices,
-3600 MHz - providing spatial selection, which facilitates search operations in premises containing legal electronic devices.
• Time to replace transmit/receive units and extension rod will not exceed a few minutes.
• Reliable detection of the SIM-card at a distance of 15 cm (2400 MHz) and 60 cm (3600 MHz).
• For efficient identification of artificial and natural semiconductors a visual spectrum analyzer is used or listening through a built in speakerphone or headphones after AM decoding of the signal in continuous mode is done.
• Lornet is equipped with an automatic system of protection against centered jamming by criterion of a minimum noise in the receiver path of the 2nd harmonic.
• Electromagnetic radiation towards the operator is many times less than one setted by the Regulator.
Delivery set:
• Control unit Lornet Star
• 2 removable (LI-ION) rechargeable batteries
• batteries charging container
• batteries Charging adaptor (220V)
• Lornet Star basic Package includes 2400 Mhz antena with spectrum analizer (24s), but the deliver yset can include up to 3 additional Interchangeable Antenna Unit (IAU) from these options:
IAU Lornet Star // 08 (optional)
- IAU Lornet Star // 08s (optional) with spectrum analizer
- IAU Lornet Star // 24 (optional)
- IAU Lornet Star // 36m (optional)
• Transportation bag
• Documentation (user manual)


Technical characteristics:
Probing signal 2400 MHz, 800 MHz (optional), 3600 MHz (optional)
Type of probing signal pulse / continous

Output power (frequency/pulse/continous)

Receiver sensitivity -110 dBm (-140 dBW)
Dynamic indication range of 2nd and 3rd harmonics 24 db
Manual power adjustment range 20 db
Device dimensions, cm
2400Mhz spectrum - 40x20x7
2400Mhz - 40x20x7
800Mhz - 40x20x7
3600Mhz - 40x20x20
Telescopic rod size, 2 items, cm 86х4х4, 54х4х4
The bag dimensions, cm 65х30х20
Operating temperature +5…+40oC
Weight without telescopic rod 1 kg
Maximum weight of the devices in the bag 8 kg
Telescopic rob weight 0.2 kg
Battery life at max power (frequency/pulse/continous)
2400Mhz spectrum/2.5h/1.5h
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