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S-200 "ARCANE" - hidden camera detector

S-200 "ARCANE" is designed for remote detection and localization of powered hidden video cameras which are installed outside, indoors, concealed as objects or bodyworn. ARCANE is able to detect both analogue and digital cameras regardless of concealment and video transmission methods.


S-200 "ARCANE" detects both common wired and wireless cameras, as well as cameras that are storing data on an internal memory bank, which gives ARCANE an obvious advantage over other instruments for camera detection, such as Optical Detectors or NLJDs. ARCANE does not require the operator to thoroughly and slowly search the entire premises or a person, it takes seconds for ARCANE to tell if there are any cameras which could then be easily localized.
S-200 "ARCANE" operating principle is based on detection and analysis of specific parts of electromagnetic spectrum in order to find "Parasitic" emissions, which is unique for video camera electronic circuits. Upon detection, such signals are evaluated and compared with the "images" of signals stored in the device's memory. S-200 ARCANE is easy to use, at the same time it is essentially a unique "pocket size" high-precision electronic measuring unit, consisting of a high-speed measuring receiver of electromagnetic interference (EMI receiver), a signal spectrum analyzer and a microcomputer for data processing. There is an independent formation of a "white" list of signals from localized "non-dangerous" signals - this allows you to automatically exclude them during further work to search for hidden video cameras.
The detection range depends on the electromagnetic environment in the search area, as well as the characteristics of the source (signal level, degree of shielding, etc.) and can vary from 2 to 24 meters.
Package contents
1. ARCANE device with a regular antenna;
2. Battery Charger;
3. USB cable;
4. Stylus for calibration and work with the touch screen;
5. User manual;
6. Shockproof case for storage and transportation.
Receiver sensitivity -148 dBm
Dynamic range 80 dB
Detection time (average) 3 s
Analysis time (average) 10 s
Continuous operating time 3 h
Full recharge time of the battery not more than 3 h
Antenna type cylinder broadband
Antenna pattern type type circular
Touch screen type color, 74 mm
Battery Li-Pol, 4100 mAh
Physical dimensions 85 х 140 х 30 mm
Weight (with antenna) not more than 300 g
Operating temperatures +10°С...+40°С


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