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Lornet - Non-linear junction detector

The non-linear junction detector (NLJD) LORNET is designed to detect hidden electronic devices which contain semiconductors with p-n junctions such as covert audio and video transmitters, audio and video recorders (more generally referred to as eavesdropping devices), actuation and timer circuitry of improvised explosive devices (IED's). The NLJD can be used in TSCM and counter-terrorism applications in the field, in premises and in vehicles.
Distinctive features:
- LORNET is a classic type NLJD featuring an excellent balance of detection potential, light weight, reliability and price.;
- A small width transmit head (only 18 mm wide) and an extendable telescopic rod enables search works in difficult to reach places.
- The traditional transmit frequency range of 890 MHz works well with older less refined circuitry providing good probing wave propagation through dense materials (bricks, concrete, different types of soil).
- The convenient control interface makes operation easy and straightforward and requires a minimal level of expertise from the user.
Probing Signal Frequency 890...891 MHz in 200 kHz steps. The probing frequency is selected automatically when the device is powered on based on the criterion of minimal interference in the 2-d harmonic receive path.
Probing Signal Maximum Power (Peak/Average) 10 W/230 mW (duty cycle 2,27%)
Continuous Wave Mode (CW) ---/300 mW
Probing Signal Power Adjustment Range 20 dB (11 steps)
Receivers Sensitivity -110 dBm
Receive Path Dynamic Range 24 dB
Operation Time from the built-in accumulator at the maximum rated power 5 hours in Pulse Mode; 2 hours in CW mode
Dimensions, cm 102х16х6 (54х16х7 folded-up)
Weight in the operating mode 1 kg
Weight in the carrying bag 3,1 kg
Operation Temperature Range +5...+40°С

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