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NR-2000 - Non-linear junction detector


Searching for various electronic devices that contain semi-conductor components. 



• mobile phone & SIM card detection.
• electronic components of remote control improvised explosive device (RC IED) investigation in urban environment under strong interference condition.
• eavesdropping device and other unauthorized electronic appliance detection and localization.

√ affective radiated power (ERP) not less than 700W.
√ precise target space localization along with high operational efficiency.
√ detects RC IED at the same distance as the ‘Eagle EK’ field NLJD does, resistant to a strong interference condition of urban areas.
√ radio-electronic device detection behind reinforcing building structure.
√ assured small target detection in various medium including that with high humidity.
√ single-block (‘bullpup’ type) design: no connectors or cables, antenna fixed on adjustable telescopic bar, lighting of inspected zone, efficient both for premises and terrain.

Technical characteristics:
Probing signal output attenuation 2 steps 0 dB & -6dB
Receiver input signal attenuation 5 steps:
0dB, -10dB, -20dB, -30dB, -40dB
Indication Audio & LED display
Operational condition:
- operational temperature range
- relative humidity (under +25°C)


Not more 80%

Power supply 2x18650 Li-ion rechargeable cells
Continuous operation time
- searching mode
- 20K

Not less 4h*
Not less 1.5h*

*- with 2800mAh cells

- Main unit (transceiver) with battery
- Complete set in carry bag
3.0 kg
10.0 kg



Download NR-2000-User-Manual-Eng pdf

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Download NR-2000-Test-Report pdf

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