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NR-T - Non-linear junction detector

NR-T is a professional non-linear junction detector designed for examination of the places for detainees or prisoners and inspection of their personal belongings.
• Search for electronic means of communication (SIM cards, miniature audio-recording devices, cell phones, radio stations) in places where their usage is prohibited (places of pre-trial detention, detention institutions).
• Identification of means of communication (cell phones, radio transmitters) and other electronic devices, regardless of whether the electronic target is radiating, would it be wired, switched to stand-by mode or even switched off.
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• Effective detection of small targets (SIM cards, miniature electronic devices).
• Increased interference immunity to the response from building structures and elements of interior (MOM structures).
• Additionally strengthened mountable plug connections, additional measures taken for protection against moisture and corrosion for severe operational conditions.
• Lighter and higher capacity battery, which is built in the transceiver unit, extends continuous operation time without changing the power source.
• Special pouch for placing the equipment on the operator’s body.
Technical characteristics:
Output power (average) 0.2 W
Receiver sensitivity not worse than -125 dBm
Display audible/visual acoustic emitting device / LED display
Target localization accuracy not worse than 0.1 m
Power supply autonomous Li-Ion battery
Operating time not less than 4 hours
Operational weight no more than 2.2 kg


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