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ST-403 "Cayman" - Non-linear junction detector

Non-linear junction detector ST403 series «CAYMAN» is a portable modification of the basic model NLJD ST-402. Thus ST-403 retained all modes implemented in the basic model. The main difference from the basic model, is the lack of a telescopic rod. ST403 is especially useful when working in a confined space when checking small loads, mail, as well as screening people. ST 403 allows you to detect, turned on and turning off electronic devices, as well as pinpoint their placement. Using the detector, the operator can distinguish between "feedback" from the real semiconductors "false" signals (corrosion, metal structure, metal-oxide - metal).




• Ergonomic design;
• Maximum peak radiated output power does not exceed 2W;
• An original signals algorithm reduces false positives, increase selectivity and reaction rate;
• The range of the receiver gain is 40dB ( five steps to 8 dB);
• Having to listen to audio mode demodulated signals;
• Time of continuous operation from a fully charged battery from 3 to 4 hours;
• Adjustable tilt antenna module of the instrument;
• 4 standard battery and charger;
• Software update via port USB;
• Locator comes in a shockproof case.

Package contents:
- ST 403 CAYMAN non-linear junction detector - 1 pc;
- Li-ion rechargeable batteries 3,7 V (type 18650) - 4 pcs;
- Charging unit - 1 pc;
- A cable for charging unit - 1 pc;
- Headphones - 1 pc;
- Test targets - 2 pcs;
- Operation manual - 1 pc;
- Transportation shockproof package - 1 pc.


Frequency range 2-3 GHz
The maximum radiated peak power ess than 2W
Antenna elliptic
Operating modes "search", "audio", "adaptation"
The range of sensitivity adjustment in manual mode 40 dB (5 steps of 8 dB each)
- visual three 16 LEDs bars
- audible built-in speaker, headphones
Power supply Li-ion 3.7 V rechargeable battery (18650 type)
Run time of a fully charged battery 3 to 4 hours (depending on the operating mode)
Charge time not more than 3 hours
Operating conditions  
- temperature +5Co...+40Co
- humidity
up to 85% (under +25Co)
Weight with battery 0.85 kg
Dimensions  340x130x160 mm
Weight of the full set  3.7 kg

Download ST-403-CAYMAN-Users-Manual-ENG pdf

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