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DT-820B ULTRA - Compact Non Linear Junction Detector

DT-820B ULTRA is a latest NLJD model of detectors series DT with latest technology and software integrated. It can detect electronic devices hidden in walls, floors, ceilings, lamps, furniture or containers, switched on or off, by display, sound and vibration.
• It can be widely used in government, public security, prison, justice, army, education examination, business security and personal privacy protection, etc.
• Business Safety: Detecting unauthorized electronic devices, such as eavesdroppers, mobile phones and devices with SIM cards, hidden in company boardrooms or secret offices.
• Public Safety: Detecting electronic devices hidden or prohibited from use in safe areas, such as detonators, remote controllers, etc.
• Personal Privacy Protection: Hidden cameras and surveillance devices such as recording pens, cameras, etc. in residential buildings and hotels.
Competitive advantages
• Ultra-small size and weight (only 350 g !)
• High detection sensitivity
• Optimized response in false electronics indication
• Supports harmonic amplitude time domain curves and audio analysis functions
• Strong environmental adaptability and stable operation in various environments
• Good ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and work in long operations
Technological advantages
• Adopts NLJD technology to determine the degree of non-linearity of the target object
• Adopts the harmonic time axis waveform display and audio demodulation to determine junction type of the target object
• Utilizes high-gain, high-concentric, circularly polarized antenna to optimize performance
Technical Specifications
Transmitting Frequency range 2.404 GHz - 2.472 GHz
Receiving 2nd Harmonic 4.808 GHz-4.944 GHHz
Receiving 3d Harmonic 7.212 GHz-7.416 GHz
Pulse Mode Transmit Power (Max.) 0-1W (ERIP)
Receiving sensitivity  -125 dBm
Receiving dynamic adjustable range 50dB
Operation Time in Max Power Pulse Mode 6h
Battery type  Replaceable Lithium Battery 4900mAh
Charging time  Fast charging 3 hours
Interactive interface  Audio, LED Display,Vibration Tips,
Protection grade IP54
LCD Display 2.4 Inch TFT Touch Screen
Product size  212(L)*112(W)*70mm(H)
Outer box size  580(L)*300(W)*150 mm(H)
Product weight 0.35kg
Working temperature -30 …+55o C
Working humidity  No more than 93%, no condensate

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