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BLS Wi-Fi Screen Pro - WiFi Eavesdropping Device Detection and Jamming (option) System using WiFi/ Bluetooth connectivity

BLS Wi-Fi Screen Pro is a system that in data collection and analysis mode does not emit radio signals in any frequency ranges other than electromagnetic emissions of the computer. In signal jamming mode (option) works as an intelligent jammer on all Wi-Fi and BLUETOOTH frequencies and channels.
The System can be used for:
iRevealing the work and the physical location of any type of eavesdropping devices with Wi-Fi module or devices transmitting information via Wi-Fi.
iRevealing the work and physical location of any type of Wi-Fi devices, transmitting within 460 m radius in urban environment (depending on the antennas and antenna block).
iWi-Fi network performance analysis- coverage at different points, traffic and speed, devices connected to the network, business traffic/real traffic and operation of all repeaters, extenders and hotspots of the mobile network. Analysis the real performance of the Wi-Fi base stations with all connected devices.
iDetection of unauthorized access attempts to Wi-Fi networks from external devices whether the attempt is successful or not. The system also identifies the attempt to connect.
iPrevention of the Wi-Fi networks and devices from attacks.
iAudit of the Wi-Fi networks and computer security systems. Identification of unauthorized networks, unauthorized connections, unauthorized devices, unallowed connections and communications in the networks, etc.
iIdentification of individuals committing computer crimes and prevention.
iDetection of spyware in the mobile phones.
iDetection of eavesdropping and tracking devices installed in vehicles that have Wi-Fi module.
iTracking detection.
iDetection of unwanted presence of people and devices in a specific area.
iDetection and localization of people, using Wi-Fi or having device with Wi-Fi modem in urban and non-urban area.
iEstablishing the relations between different people and their previous visits to different areas of the city, state, world /depending on the hardware and software version of the Wi-Fi devices used by them/.
iTracking and localization of people and vehicles. 
iIdentification of skimming device (a device that steals credit and debit card information from ATMs) and detection/localization of the people or the device, receiving that information.
iJamming of individual base stations or clients, as well as total jamming of Wi-Fi and BLUETOOTH channels.
The system is designed for:
- National Security Services (counterintelligence, anti-terrorism, etc.)
- Intelligence - Police and Services for Combating Organized Crime
- Agencies for TSCM services - Private and state VIP security guards
- Corporate Security Services - System administrators, individuals and companies responsible for information security of the computer networks and systems.
- Wi-Fi installation companies
The “BLS Wi-Fi Screen Pro” system includes specialized software installed on a laptop and antenna block (box) connected with USB cable.
The connection of the Antenna block with the laptop is with USB cable.
In addition to the directional and omnidirectional antennas (included in the set), any other types of antennas can be connected to the antenna block trough standard SMA RF connector and antenna feeder.
The Antenna block coordinates the antenna adaptors performance and speeds up the information transfer. 
In an emergency mode (broken or missing antenna block), the BLS Wi-Fi Screen Pro can operate with most of the available Wi-Fi USB adapters on the market, as the system has a software module for recognition, coordination and connection of Wi-Fi adapters.In this mode the range, speed and functionality of the system will be limited, but sufficient for most of the tasks.
Technical specifications of the system:
- Computer Operating System- Linux Debian
- Works in the entire 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi- Fi range.
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n Dual-Band Standard
IEEE 802.11ax- Wi Fi 6 Standard
1.1 Frequency ranges:
2.400 ~ 2.483GHz; 5.15 ~ 5.35GHz; 5.47~ 5.725GHz
1.2 Data transfer speed (DTR) in different modes
i802.11a: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48,54Mbps
i802.11b: 1, 2, 5.5 and 11Mbps
i802.11g: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54Mbps
i802.11n: Up to 150Mbps
1.3. Security protocols supported by the system
64/128-bits WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.1x
1.4. Sensitivity:
802.11bg:-93 dBm
802.11n HT20: -80 dBm
802.11n HT40: -75 dBm
802.11a: -93 dBm
802.11an HT20: -85 dBm
802.11an HT40: -74 dBm
1.5. Output power
26dBm@11n HT20
25dBm@11n HT40
23dBm@11an HT20
21dBm@11an HT40
Capacity of the recorded information per hour- around 1 MB, depending on the Wi-Fi devices intensity in the area. 
Running time on power adapter- 24/7/365
Running time on battery- up to 5 hours
Scanning speed – not less than 24 channels per second
1.6. Support- Bluetooth 1.0; 1.1; 1.2; 2.0+ EDR; 2.1+ EDR; 4.0; 4.1; 4.2; 5.0; 5.1.
Type of the information that the System obtains and analyzes:
iBSSID- MAC address of the transmitting Wi-Fi devices
iSignal strength- in dB and in graphic format
iThe number of each channel that the device has worked, number and frequency of the current channel
iExact frequency
iThe time when the device has worked
iData rate
iTraffic volume
iEncryption type
iWireless devices connected to the base stations
iInformation about the networks searched by the client- networks that are already stored in the client’s memory or the devices are trying to connect in real time
iGPS positioning of each measurement and record- in tabular and graphic format
Filters and settings:
iThe system is able to create and operate with predetermined settings, depending on the type of tasks.
iCreating Filters/ Lists (Black and White lists). Ability to work with several Filters/ Lists simultaneously.
- Setup and control- main screen for system configuration
- Main screen in live mode
Graphic format
The results from the scanning in graphic format are in real time and could be changed dynamically. The image below shows the links between clients and the base stations. In red are the networks stored in the client’s memory.
Records preview screen
The system records all the data during the real time (live) scan. By simulating a real time operation and by record preview, all records can be reproduced and the real scan can be repeated, including level measuring and new graphics.
  The system allows automatic analysis of the recordings, manual review of a specific recording or multiple selected recordings.
GPS positioning screen
It shows the System’s GPS position when any signal is detected or disappeared.
 The links between time, GPS coordinates and signal/ device information are displayed in tabular format, with option for subsequent review and analysis. All positions (spots) with the time when a specific device has been detected could be graphically displayed and determine its location within 25-30 m accuracy.
The system has a built-in offline map. When the system is online it uses two independent map servers that updates respectively every hour and in 24 hours.
The software has built-in HELP tools in the form of graphics and texts.
Wi-Fi and BLUETOOTH Jamming (optional)
As a result of the work of BLS WI-FI SCREEN PRO System, the real status in terms of available base stations, clients, paired and single devices operating on the Wi-Fi and BLUETOOTH standards can be seen. At the operator's request, some or all devices in the area can be jammed.
The jamming of the Wi-Fi channels is on all technically possible Wi-Fi channels on the both radio frequency bands at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The jamming can be targeted and in total.
1. Targeted (selective)- by jamming signal to selected devices identified by their MAC address. If the target is a Wi-Fi networking base station than all devices (clients) connected to it will be with no Wi-Fi connection.
If the jamming is targeted to a specific client than only the Wi-Fi communication of client will be disturbed.
The targeting is manual by the operator or automatically by predefined parameters.
2. Total jamming - by consequently applying a jamming signal to all available Wi-Fi channels. In this case, the communication of all Wi-Fi devices will be disturbed. 
The same is with the BLUETOOTH.
Jamming range outdoors- aprox. 50 m.
The Antenna blocks used for the jamming are controlled by the BLS WI-FI SCREEN PRO System’s computer.
Additional software and hardware modules (optional):
- Spectrum analyzer- works at 2,3 -2,6 GHz and it has hardware dongle and a software module. Used for visualization, inspection and easier detection and localization of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transmitter.
- Bluetooth transmitters detection module- it has hardware dongle and a software module. Used to detect, recognize and physically locate working Bluetooth devices.
- Module for blocking the operation of unauthorized devices- It has software module. It uses the standard antenna block of the set.
Advantages of the system:
- High sensitivity. The system is able to work with different type of antennas; detects and locates devices emitting weak signals or located at a long distance.
- Scans all available (existing) Wi-Fi channels regardless of the geographic area where the system operates.
- Very good capabilities for detection and network analysis.
- The system is able to register and analyze single short- term connections between different devices.
- The system is able to locate and register individual or paired Bluetooth devices.
- Modular architecture and easy replacement of damaged elements.
- Exceptional scanning, detection and signal recognition speed. The system is able to register and analyze single pings.
- Option to add modules with additional functionalities.
- Develop of additional features at the client’s request.
- The received data could be exported to standard text files or other format on customer’s request.
- The BLS server is specifically developed for this system, as the received data could not be read with other applications.
- Targeted or total jamming of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.
The set includes:
- Laptop with BLS SCREEN PRO software- 1 pc. - Power adapter for charging the laptop- 1 pc. - USB mouse- 1 pc.
- Antenna block with 6 antenna adapters and USB port- 1 pc.
- Strap for the Antenna block- 1 pc.
- Power adapter for the Antenna block- 1 pc.
- Battery for the Antenna block in a case - 1 pc.
- Omni directional antennas- 4- 6 pcs.
- Directional antennas- 3 pcs.
- GPS modem with UPS connectivity- 1 pc.
- Transportation shockproof package-1 pc.
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