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S.A.I.L. - Signal Acquisition Identification and Location TSCM Signal Analyzer

S.A.I.L. is a handheld portable Signal Analyzer designed by Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Practitners with an idea of delivering the most comprehensive and practcal solutionfor the actual TSCM professionals’ needs. The device is much more than a Signal Analyzer. S.A.I.L. is a complete TSCM sweep service in one device which analyses all aspects of the spectrum in detail.
S.A.I.L. has a number of unique features that can rarely be found combined in a single compact device, such as Bluetooth and BLE devices detectio and analysis, LTE directon find on uplink devices, identicatin of WIFI terminals with prevailing uplink traffiand much more.
DETECT - ANALYSE - RESPOND The S.A.I.L. system is the only solution that offers all three. Here are some of its advanced capabilities.
iSignal Analyzer: Signal analysis 70 MHz to 6 GHz.
iDirectional Finding: Proprietary DF technique using pre-spaced antenna array.
iGSM : Real tie cellular analysis , passive interceptin of devices.
iLTE : LTE analysis with the ability to directinal fin on uplink device.
iWi-Fi : Locatin analysis of devices and APs, identifican of prevailing ulink traffic.
iDECT : Automatic cans of DECT frequency's identiying base stations and mobile devices.
iBluetooth/BLE : Real time Bluetooth analysis of both passive and active. 
iDigital TV:  Real tie DVB / ATSC analysis.
iDigital Analog Radio: Real-tme Radio communicatin P25, NXDN, X2, DStar.
iZigbee Networks : Analysis of low power digital communication devices.
iTetra : 4 Channel analysis with audio demodulation.
iFlir : Thermal and digital imaging.
iIridium: Real tim Iridium satellite analysis.
Radio Frequency Detection yes
Spectrum Analysis yes
Directon Finding yes
Built-in Display yes
Signal Analysis yes
ADC Sample Rate (Max) 61.44 MS/s
ADC Resolution 12 bits
ADC Wideband SFDR 78 dbc
DAC Sample Rate (max) 61.44 MS/s
DAC Resolution 12 bits
Host Sample Rate (16b) 61.44 MS/s
Frequency Accuracy +/- 2.0 ppb
GPS Locked TCXO Reference <1 ppb
Detection bandwidth: 70 MHz - 6 GHz
Scanning Bandwidth – Single Channel: 10 Khz-56 Mhz
Scanning Bandwidth – Multi Channel: 10 Khz – 30.72 Mhz
Instantaneous Bandwidth: >80 Mhz
Channels 56 Searching Channel
Frequency GPS L1, SBAS L1, QZSS L1
Receiving Format GPS, SBAS, QZSS
Tracking -162dBm
Re-Acquisition -160dBm
Cold Start -148dBm
Position Horizontal 2.0 m (Typical Open Sky)
Velocity 0.1m/sec 95% (SA of)
Timing 0.1m/sec 95% (SA of)
Cold Start 29s
Warm Start 25s
Hot Start 1s
Altitude < 50,000m
Sensor OV5640
FOV 72 degrees
Static Images 2592 x 1944 pixel
Support Formats MJPEG & YUV
Operaton Temperature -30~70°C
Velocity < 515m/s
Acceleration < 4g
Operating Temp -40 °C ~ +85°C
Function Passive thermal imaging module for mobile equipment
Sensor Technology Uncooled VOx microbolometer
Spectral Range Longwave infrared, 8um to 14um
Array Format 160 × 120, progressive scan
Pixel Size 12 um
Effectve Frame Rate 8.8 Hz (exportable)
Thermal Sensitvity <50 mK (0.050° C)
Temperature Compensaton Automatic. Output image independent of camera temperature
Non-uniformity Correctons Shutteress, automatc (with scenemoton) Shuttered(for statonary applicatons and best image quality)
FOV - Horizontal 56 degrees
FOV - Diagonal 71 degrees
Depth of Field 28cm to infinty
Lens Type f/1.1 silicon doublet
Optical distortion 13.3% (nominal corner magnitude)
Optical Temprature Range -10° C to 65° C
Maximum Operaton Temperature 80 °C
Shutter Operating Temperature 10° C to 65° C 2
Shock 1500 G @ 0.4 ms
Battery life 5 hours
Battery Charge Time 2 hours
Power 12V 5A
Battery life 5 hours
Battery Charge Time 2 hours

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