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The Stealth 24/7 - Bug Detector with Real Time Remote Monitoring Capability

System protect from eavesdropping with RF transmitter and laser monitoring system. The Stealth 24/7 is a wide-band RF BUG scanning surveillance device built to detect illegal RF eavesdropping act-ivities in a secured area 24/7. It can be operated directly on-site or remotely controlled and monitored at a central monitoring center via LAN / WLAN.
Suspected activities are immediately reported to the client or the security department through the central monitoring center. It can send a real time E-mail to the client when The Stealth 24/7 detects any suspected RF signal.
• RF Bugging devices
• Cell phones and modems (CDMA450, GSM 900, GSM 1800, 3G)
• Wireless data transmitters (4G, WLAN, BLUETOOTH 2.4 and 5GHz)
• Cordless phone systems (DECT) as well as special technical devices using these data transmission standards
• Analog radio listening devices
*The settings of cellular frequencies, depending on the country and mobile operator, are provided.
24/7 TSCM Block Diagram
We introduce a one-stop solution for location tracking, one of the most important tasks at TSCM. Our solution breaks the old stereotype that control is "difficult and complex spectral analysis" 
The main purpose of the system is the detection of unauthorized transmission of data in the area of surveillance.
These areas include:
• VIP rooms
• Meeting rooms and offices
• Exam rooms and testing facilities
• Prisons and correctional facilities
• Areas with limited use of cell phones, radios, etc.
Locating the source of the radio signal
Location of the RF device will be immediately displayed on the floor plan upon detection.
The Stealth 24/7 With Digital Bug Remote Monitoring Capability Can:
-Monitor of all frequency bands, results are directly read and determined;
-Control based on eavesdropping frequency database worldwide;
-Monitoring of digital devices such as FHSS;
-Mobile Communication (T Mobile, Verizon, AT&T) SPY APP;
-Selective detection ex) Wi Fi, SSID;
-Tracking down the location of detected suspicious frequency and elimination;
-Indication of location of ‘monitoring screen’ - recording devices (More than 3 units);
-SMS messaging;
-Built in laser listening prevention circuit (Dual random number).
Technical Specifications
Frequency Range 25-6000 MHz
Sensitivity -90...-75dBm
Coverage 10-50m2
Random White Noise Generation 2CH
Transducer up to 8
Storage of event signal E-mail alert
Dimensions 245x190x55mm
*The Stealth 24/7 can be remotely operated via network for group monitoring up to 1000 units.


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