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COLIBRI-SD - Stereo Digital Voice Recorder

Voice recorder Colibri-SD features 2 microphones (Stereo Mode) and micro SD card. High microphones sensitivity enables top-quality recording in complicated acoustic environment, including noisy areas and streets. Built-in lithium-polymer rechargeable battery allows for at least 20 hours of continuous recording or certain time periods that can be implemented with two types of timers.
Competitive advantages:
• The Recorder, manufactured in the form of a thin rectangular plate, is reliable and easy to operate.
• Recording is saved onto micro SD card. The recorder is initialized with the boot file, placed on a micro SD card.
• Two microphones allow to record in Stereo Mode.
• Password is encrypted with AES standard, 128 bit.
• Control and indication of the Recorder's modes are carried out using two hole-buttons and three-color LED on the rear side of the device.
• The Recorder has Built-in optional band-pass filter with adjustable cutoff boundaries.
• Information recorded onto the Recorder is protected by digital signature, which makes it possible to identify whether the recorded voice information has been modified.
Main characteristics:
• Dimensions: 86 x 54 x 2.7 mm.
• Battery life in record mode: 20 hours. • 16-bit audio codec.
• Power supply: built-in lithium-polymer rechargeable battery.
• Built-in battery capacity: 120-180 mA*h.
• Battery life in Power Saving Mode: more than 3000 hours.
• Charging: connect the product to the USB port of the PC or power supply 5V using adapter.
• The Recorder provides Timer Recording. There have been implemented two types of timers, which are:
  - daily Timer to set daily record start time and record stop time
  - schedule Timer to set time and date of record start and stop time.
• Recording format: WAVE PCM Stereo.
• Sample rate: 8kHz, 16kHz, 32kHz, 44.1kHz.
• Dynamic range: 80 dB.
• Frequency band: at least 16 kHz (depends on clock frequency).
Delivery set:
Voice Recorder Colibri-SD
SD card with software
Micro SD adapter
USB adapter
User manual
Discretization frequency (Sample rate)  Bitrate  For 1 hour of recording  4GB memory card  128GB memory card
8 kHz 32 kB/s 115 MB 34 h 1100 h (45.8 days)
 16 kHz 64 kB/s  230 MB 17 h 550 h (22.9 days)
 32 kHz 128 kB/s  460 MB 8 h 280 h (11.6 days)
44.1 kHz 176 kB/s 635 MB 6 h 200 h (8.3 days) 


Recorder Characteristics:
Height 86 mm
Width 54 mm
Thickness 2.7 mm
Weight 17 g
Case plastic
Battery life in record mode at least 20 hours
Power supply Rechargeable battery
Battery life in stand-by mode at least 3000 hours
Compact flash card capacity 2 gb
Interface USB 2.0
Audio recording format Stereo
Frequency band at least  16 kHz
Dynamic range 80 dB
Voice Activating System NO
Timer recording YES
Battery charging time 2 hours



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