JSC Selcom Security. Training Seminar in Lithuania 2019.

From 5th to 7th of June 2019, JSC Selcom Security organized a training seminar in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Seminar name: “Theoretical acquaintance with latest developments. The development of practical skills- detection of real data leakage channels using new devices ST-301 SPIDE, ST-500 PIRANHA, ST-600”. We would like to thank all the attendants of the seminar for visiting our event! Hoping to see you next year !

Conference in Shenzhen

Selcom Security Team has successfully attended security conference in Shenzhen, China, where a whole range of Data Leakage Channel Detection Devices were presented.

Invitation to Seminar. Registration open!

Seminar name: "Theoretical acquaintance with latest developments. The development of practical skills- detection of real data leakage channels".
Dates of the seminar 2019:
June 4th - Arrival to Klaipeda city (Lithuania).
June 5th - 1st day of the seminar.
June 6th - 2nd day of the seminar.
June 7th - 3d day of the seminar.
In this seminar we will present and work with following new devices series ST:
ST-301 SPIDER, ST-500 PIRANHA, ST-600.
There will be relevant certificates issued for the seminar participants.
Please find plan of the seminar, directions to Klaipeda city and participant registration form.
We are looking forward to receive your registration forms!
For additional information and registration please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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New Publications

Up today for Your review we would like to recommend new publications.

Please see the links below:

ST-031M”Piranha” Capabilities part 1 https://www.selcomsecurity.com/en/our-publications/item/651-test-of-capabilities-of-st-031m-piranha-part-1

ST-031M”Piranha” Capabilities part 2 https://www.selcomsecurity.com/en/our-publications/item/663-test-of-capabilities-of-st-031m-piranha-part-2

Non linear junction detector (NLJD) how can it be useful ?

And many more, in our Publications section.

Presentation of our line of products in Abu-Dhabi

Selcom Security Group presented its’ line of products in Abu-Dhabi for the first time. During our presentation we introduced listeners to our newest developments as well as new data leakage channels and techniques of their detection. The bright and sunny day was interrupted by a mild sand storm.

Seminar in Rome

Selcom Security Group was invited to conduct a seminar in Rome Italy for Italian Carabinieri. During the seminar our team has presented new methods of detection of different data leakage channels and their practical detection demonstration.
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