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NO SPY SEL BOX - Data Cut-out Filter System

NO SPY SEL BOX prevents the uncontrolled flow of data to the power network. With the especially developed DCO (data cut-out) filter system, the patented NO SPY SEL BOX makes all data transmitted over the supply cable of IT equipment unusable for data thieves and intelligence services. Data cannot be read or reconstructed after DCO filtering. No conclusions can be drawn regarding the content or structure of the data.
As easy to use as a multiple socket outlet. Simply connect the mains plug of the NO SPY SEL BOX to a conventional wall socket and the mains plugs of the IT equipment to the NO SPY SEL BOX. The NO SPY SEL BOX replaces conventional multiple socket outlets. Plug and play. No software installation required. Information security can be significantly improved with reliable IT hardware protection through the uncomplicated and effective deployment of the NO SPY SEL BOX – from the home office to confidential workstations.
- Special multiple socket outlet with filtering and three isolated ground receptacles for 230VAC/50 Hz (Schuko)
- Reliable, maintenance-free network separation for the secure operation of IT components, especially in sectors like Public authorities, Finance and banking, Healthcare, e.g..(Hospitals, health insurers, doctors) Notary's offices and lawyers, Auditors and tax consultants, Fiscal authorities, Insurance companies.
- Asymmetrical minimum insertion attenuation of 60 dB in the FR range of 100 kHz to 1 GHz (50 ohm system)
- Special housing structure to suppress unwanted radiated coupling in the higher frequency range between the filter input and output side
- Thermally optimised overall design without noiseproducing fan
- Fixed, shielded supply cable, 2 m in length, with special two-pin earthed plug
- Conformity according to CE, EU RoHS Directive and EC Reach Regulation
- Number of sockets: 1, 3, 5, 8
IT Hardware weakness attracts data thieves as there are many ways for data thieves and intelligence services to gain access to computer networks unnoticed. In addition to new opportunities, the increasing flexibility of the digital working environment also creates new hazards in the handling of data and the use of mobile IT hardware. Power network lines are a point of attack as digital data thieves access the building network through existing outlets in adjacent rooms or even on other floors of the building.
Technical Specifications
 Maximum continuous power
*Total current of all isolated ground receptacles
 16A at up to +35°C;  8A at up to +55°C
 Operating voltage  230V/50 HZ and 110V/60 Hz
 Leakage current (With no connected load at 50Hz)  < 3,5mA
 Insertion loss  (Asymmetrical on 50 ohm system in 100 kHz-1GHz frequency range)  ≥ 60dB
 Protection class  IP20
 Connecting cable length  2.0m
 Housing  Alu colourless anodised, satin gloss
 Weight including cable  Approx. 4,1 kg (for unit with 5 sockets)

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