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NL RADAR 1116 - Non-linear Junction Detector

Multi-frequency non-linear junction detector NL RADAR 1116 is designed for search for and detection of electronic devices both in active and switched offstate. Multi-frequency harmonic detector searches and analyzes the 2nd and 3d harmonics at each probing frequency. A detector that uses two and more probing signals simultaneously at different frequencies is hereinafter referred to as a multi-frequency mixing detector. It can analyze products called 2nd and 3d order distortions: F1-F2 ; F1+F2: and 2F1-F2; 2F2:-F1, respectively. NL-1420 is an example ofsuch a detector.
NL RADAR 1116 is classified as a multi-frequency harmonic detector. Probing frequencies are chosen within the range of 1100-1600 MHz. There are 4 probing frequencies with frequency space of 200 MHz. It increases the detection range greatly. Besides, a patented phase antenna array (PAA) for frequency range of 1100-1600 MHz and a patented PAA for receiving frequency of (2200-4800) MHZ also increases the detection range due to high gain ratio of PAA (about 13 dB). NL RADAR 1116 consequently analyzes re-emitting signals at four frequencies and chooses a maximum response automatically. A short probing pulse of 150 ns virtually eliminates the possibility of triggering radio electronic active devices, which makes it possible to effectively search for explosive devices with a radio switch. Climatic version of IP 67 expands operational-tactical characteristic of the device.
• Multi-frequency harmonic operation mode;
• Analysis of re-emitting signal from non-linear objects at frequencies: 2xF1; 3xF1; 2xF2; 3xF2; 2xF3;3xF3, 3xF4.
• Long range detection up to 10 meters;
• Small size and weight 1250 g;
• Unique design;
• Fast change of standard batteries;
• User friendly interface;
• Waterproof IP 67.
Technical characteristics:
 Emitting signal type  Pulse
 Frequencies used  F1 , F2 , F3 , F4 (in the range of 1100...1600 mhz)

 Output power modes

 10W / 100W
 Maximum average radiation power at frequencies Fl , F2, F3, F4  not more than 0.6W
 Transmit antenna gain  at least 10 dB
 Receiving antenna gain  at least 13 dB
 Continuous operation time With a lithium-ion battery at a max power  ~2.5 hours
 Weight of main unit  1,25 kg
 Operating temperature  -10...+50oC
 Ambient pressure  450...800 mm Hg
 Climatic performance  IP-67 rating

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