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Multifunctional Detection Device "Piranha" ST-031M (New Combined Set)

Piranha ST-031M is a new generation multifunctional search device for detection and localization Special Technical Means of Obtaining Secret Information (STMOSI) and for solving other information protection tasks related to information protection technical measures effectiveness evaluation. ST031M is logic continuation of the well-known multipurpose devices "Piranha" series. The device has the best “cost-capabilities” ratio in the entire class of such a devices.
All features of previous models are incorporated into ST-031M:
  • ST-031M construction, delivery set, technical features and characteristics allow detection of wide range of mostly dangerous STMOSI devices.
  • Technical possibilities of the device as whole and additional devices allows to find almost all of the most dangerous physical fields used by STMOSI.
  • Independence from external power supplies allow autonomous operation and removes limitation of device use.
  • Connection to PC allows controlling and information logging directly from computer screen.
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ST-121 - Multifunctional Advanced Simulator

ST-121 Multifunctional Advanced Simulator ST-121 is designed to imitate operation of almost all types of bugging devices, such as:
• RF microphone
• Hardwire
• Carrier current
• Optical
• Ultrasonic.
It also imitates electromagnetic interference of electronic devices (TEMPEST), such as solid state dictaphones and cell phones.
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