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Multi Purpose Search Devices

PRO-W12DX - Wideband Digital Pocket RF Detector

The PRO-W12DX handheld wideband RF Detector is designed to detect and locate signals from the very latest covert listening, tracking, cellular and video devices. With a completely new hardware design the PRO-W12DX packs new features that have never been seen before in a pocket handheld RF detector.
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PRO-SL8 - Pocket Bug Detector 0-8 GHz

The PRO-SL8 is an ultra compact pocket sized Bug Detector with a unrivaled performance for its size. The PRO-SL8 is an ultra compact pocket wideband bug detector that features a 0 to 8 GHz frequency detection range with ultra high sensitivity but couldn't be simpler to operate. Simply switch on and any detected will be shown on the built in OLED display.
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Bloodhound - Acoustically Stimulated Microphone Detector

Developed by the designers while in Government service Bloodhound is a fully portable acoustically stimulated microphone detection system. It operates by detecting the audio signal from a microphone and subjecting it to high amplification with elaborate filtering to remove extraneous noise.
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